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What is Consumer Finance

Whether you are a small business looking to offer financing to your customers, or you are looking to make a large purchase, you might have been told about consumer finance as an option. Learn what consumer finance is below and how it can help you with large purchases, or help your customers afford their purchases.

Consumer Financing Defined

So what is consumer finance anyway? Consumer financing is when a business offers financing to their customers with help from a professional finance company. This allows the consumer to pay for a good or service they couldn’t pay for up front in cash or credit card.

Consumer finance is helpful for both businesses and consumers. If you are a customer looking to make a significant purchase, one of the options you have to help you finance this purchase is a consumer finance company. There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes turn to a consumer finance company. Businesses of all sizes benefit greatly from having an outside company manage payments and collections. This gives a business more time to focus on selling and providing excellent customer service.

Consumer Finance Benefits for Businesses

Consumer finance is designed to ultimately help both businesses and consumers. When a business decides to offer consumer finance through a consumer financial services company, they are opening up the opportunity for more potential business. When a small business offers consumer financing to their customers, consumers can make purchases even if they don’t have the cash or credit card availability up front to pay for the entire purchase.

For example, one of the types of businesses we help offer consumer financing for is for funeral homes. Most of the time, families aren’t prepared for the overwhelming cost of a funeral, which is why in many cases funeral homes offer funeral service financing with the help of a consumer finance company. This helps the funeral home offer needed financing to grieving families and gives families the opportunity to obtain the full desired funeral service for their loved one.


How to Pay for Dentures

Everyone deserves to have a smile that they love! Sometimes though, a perfect smile may come at a costly price. Potential dental costs include braces in adolescence and later on, dentures may be needed. While the cost of many dental services may be overwhelming, even with the assistance of dental insurance, there are ways to pay for costly dental procedures. Learn how to pay for dentures and other dental procedures with our guide for dental financing.

Average Cost of Dentures & Dental Services

While some people might have the money saved up for dental procedures, others might find the cost to be a sudden, unprepared-for financial burden. If you are the latter, you are probably wondering how you’ll pay for your dentures. Surprisingly, dentures can cost upward of $2,000 depending on the type of dentures you need. Or, if you need a single tooth replaced, the average implant cost would be roughly $3,000.

Luckily though, there are financing options for you to pay for your dentures or single tooth implant.

Best Denture Financing Options

One of the best denture payment options is to use dental financing to help you with the cost of dental services your dental insurance may not cover. Dental financing companies can help you pay for a variety of dental services, not limited to just paying for dentures. For instances, you might turn to a dental financing company if you are looking to undergo a dental procedure such as wisdom teeth removal, braces, root canals, gum surgery and more.

While some of these dental procedures may be cosmetic, rather than restorative, as a patient, you might not want to wait to save the money to pay for such a procedure. Patients can receive the dental care they need right away. This helps patients not only make sure they are getting the procedures they require promptly but also makes sure that dental offices can help patients pay for their services.

Ask your dentist what type of financing they offer for their dentures, implants or other dental procedure you are undergoing. If they don’t provide financing, ask them to look into UCFS for their dental financing offerings. With 35 years of consumer finance experience, we are a top choice among dental offices to provide financing for patients.