Contractor Financing

As a contractor, you’re well aware that sometimes, some homeowners simply don’t budget for contractor financing. Even as roof shingles start to age beyond their warranty, or trees begin to lean uncomfortably close to garages, some homeowners are not proactive until it is too late. One big storm, one sump pump failure, or a DIY wiring project gone wrong is all it takes to spell disaster for your customer. Traditionally, this means as a contractor; you either must rely on your customer to have financial means to cover the costs of materials or repair, or shrug and turn down the work.

UCFS Expands Your Customer’s Options

With contractor financing provided by UCFS, this is no longer the case! We empower contractors to offer financing to their customers at no cost to you. No one enters the contracting profession wanting to have to act as a bank or credit union. Nor do you want to waste time chasing down late invoices. Let us handle it instead!

At United Consumer Financial Services, we believe that contractors shouldn’t have to turn down business because homeowners don’t have the money to pay upfront. Instead, we empower businesses to offer financing to contracting customers. We offer a suite of features for financing your contracting customers:

  • Flexible financing terms
  • Same-as-cash option
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Financing for all or a portion of work and material costs
  • A fast credit decision
  • Bank or credit/debit card autopay
  • Online payment portal for account inquiry and management

Don’t leave potential new customers without options! Regain lost revenue that could help drive your contracting business forward. Let us handle the financials while you focus on what matters: Building your business.

With this in mind, we view every contracting business we work with as part of our team rather than clients. Contact Us to Get Started
Experience Growth Through Consumer Financing

As you can see, financing through UCFS gives your customers a smart and speedy way to pay for repairs, renovations, or any other services offered by your contracting company. Consider the sales you may have lost due to potential customers simply not being able to afford your company’s services. Partnering with UCFS can make your services available to a whole new clientele, which will expand your customer base, increase client satisfaction, and improve both sales and cash flow.

It’s Time to Talk About How We Can Help You

The best part might be just how quick and easy it is to partner with UCFS. Our Merchant Agreement forms process within one or two business days and it only takes about ten minutes to get new partners up to speed on UFCS loan policies and procedures. Once you’re set up, you can immediately start offering financing to your customers – all at no cost to you.

Would you like more information on how to get started? If so, please fill out the form below or give us a call at 800-344-5000. We’ll be happy to provide further information on all the ways UCFS can benefit both you and your customers.

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