UCFS API - Application Programming Interface

United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS) offers a 2-step API enabling businesses, integrators, brokers or independent sales agents the ability to integrate their business sales systems with the UCFS, web-based credit application and contract/esigning system.

By deploying the UCFS API, businesses streamline their operation when salespeople fully adopt an internal company process by not needing to learn an external technology, and both decrease operational costs and increase revenue with more and faster selling by adding an alternate payment method for products and services.

UCFS API - Application Programming Interface

Ÿ   This API, or set of communication rules, specifies data paths and endpoints within the UCFS system.

Ÿ   UCFS provides step-by-step documentation, a technical implementation guide, process workflows/diagrams, field descriptions and definitions, and testing integration materials.

Ÿ   The UCFS API is available at no charge to integrate with the UCFS credit application system

Ÿ   API development can be provided by a business’ internal software development team or outsourced firm.

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