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Consumer Financing Solutions Part 3: How to Overcome Objections to Financing a Sale

This is the third and final post in our three-part series on consumer financing solutions. This article discusses how to overcome objections to financing a sale.

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The road to closing a sale is rarely ever a linear one – for businesses and consumers alike – because questions and hesitations and necessary time to think a purchase through are common and important.

Sure, you’ve undoubtedly experienced transactions where there are little to no questions or back and forth, and business is quickly concluded. But, for the most part, sales and common sales objections walk hand-in-hand – necessitating honest but strategic sales closing techniques from you.

For products and services where consumers are on the fence because ‘the price is way too high,’ or ‘a competitor’s price is better,’ or ‘they’re weary about financing options’ (or any number of other consumer hesitations or objections), it’s imperative to understand common sales objections and the most effective ways to overcome them.

Common Sales Objections and Responses:

We’re certain you can come up with a long list of the common sales objections received throughout your years in sales. We’ve found that at the crux of most sales conversations, you’re likely to find one of these common objections.  Below each are possible statements to overcome that objection:

  • [Price Objection] “The price is too high.”
    RESPONSE: “It may sound high, but the list price is quite competitive for the value our product provides.”
  • [Price Objection] “The price is too high. Is there any way you can come down a bit with your price?”
    RESPONSE: “We feel the value of our product is reflected in the price. Keep in mind, you can finance the purchase and pay off the balance early to save on interest.  And there is no early pay-off fee.”
  • [A Competitor is Cheaper] “I can get this [product or service] cheaper elsewhere.”
    RESPONSE: “Be sure you compare the qualities of our product/service to the elsewhere you mention. Our service is impeccable and we stand behind our product.”
  • [Bad Timing] “I can’t afford this right now.  We’re just not ready to buy”
    RESPONSE: “We offer a low monthly payment plan, so you can make your purchase right away without paying an upfront cost, and then pay off your purchase over time.”
  • [Bad Timing] “We don’t have any budget left right now.”
    RESPONSE: “We have a financing option, meaning low monthly payments. Rather than a credit card, it’s a set dollar amount for a set number of months. For the product you’re considering, it would be approximately $___ for __ months.”
  • [Stall or ROI Concern] “It’s just not important right now.”
    RESPONSE: Here’s where a salesperson can ask questions that might lead to one of the topics above! Perhaps gauge why it’s not important right now and ask when it might be important. The salesperson can ask, “Can I reach back out to you in a few months?”

While in the process to strengthen your sales techniques and better understand objections, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

But have you considered how discussing financing options can help in overcoming price objections and truly help customers obtain the product or service they want or need?

Does Your Sales Process Offer Financing Options?

Offering a simple and straightforward financing option can make it easy for your customers to see that your services come attached to low monthly payments that align with their budget – which can put them at ease when trying to determine how to afford your product or service now, not wait for months or years to save their money.

Consumer financing is an influential tool that has the power to:

  • Instill confidence in consumers
  • Help consumers to better focus on the features, benefits and value of your products or services (rather than the price tag)
  • Help consumers ignore options or proposals from your competition
  • Help in overcoming price objections
  • Help you maintain the full MSRP
  • Help you from losing the sale altogether

Learn how you can grow your business and expand your customers’ payment options with one of the best financing options on the market today:

Sales Closing Techniques: How to Introduce Consumer Financing into Your Sales Conversation

Successfully overcoming price objections starts and ends with you acknowledging the customer’s concern while still furthering the conversation with helpful, advantageous insights and options.

One of the best ways to do this is by presenting the customer with a low monthly payment – offering an option so the customer doesn’t need to walk away to figure out a way to pay on their own.

To introduce consumer financing into your sales conversation, you can:

  • State that “Financing Is Available” or list a specific low monthly payment offer on your website, phone message, sell sheets and pricing proposals.
  • Bring up financing early in the sales process and speak in terms of monthly payments.
  • Include the low monthly payment dollar amount on every quote.
  • Emphasize the monthly payment amount, instead of the product or service total price.

*UCFS provides templates with text and images to help businesses advertise low monthly payments

Help Customers Obtain the Product or Service They Want or Need by Offering Financing Options from UCFS

When your financing partner is United Consumer Financial Services, even consumer objections like, “I don’t want another monthly payment,” and, “I don’t want to get stuck in a contract,” become easier to deflate because our program works in the best interest of your customers (and your business) and gives customers the best opportunity to repay.

As a leader in consumer financing who work with merchants and distributors to provide the best contracts and financing services available today, we work hard to help you meet customers’ needs and offer every customer a financing option that suits their budget – even customers with credit that is not optimal.

The low, fixed amount per month – with a set end date – helps customers completely pay off the cost of products or services on a term that has lower impact to their daily financial commitment, especially as compared to revolving credit cards with even higher interest.

Let’s talk about how we can help you overcome common sales objections, learn new sales closing techniques and streamline and grow your business.

Learn more about partnering with UCFS or get in touch with us directly today:

You can approve more customers and help them get the services, products or care they want and need.

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Consumer Financing Solutions Part 2: What You Need to Know About Offering Consumer Financing

This is the second post in our three-part series on consumer financing solutions. This article discusses four things you need to know about offering consumer financing and highlights the training and one-on-one support offered by UCFS.

If you missed part one – Common Reasons Why Businesses Offer Financing – be sure to take a look today. We review how consumer financing works, the benefits of offering financing to customers and things to consider when trying to determine if consumer financing is right for your business.

Have you decided that offering financing to your customers would be advantageous to your business and patient or customer base? Are you unsure of where to begin?

Rest easy, you’re in the right place.

Through your own research, you may have already discovered there are a multitude of customer financing programs out there. Each one fosters ins and outs that are crucial to understand, for some will better help you grow your sales and increase your business revenue.

Additionally, and something to always keep top-of-mind, some have your customers’ best interest in mind more than others.

Before we discuss what you need to know about offering consumer financing, it’s important to understand two of the most widely offered consumer financing methods:

Fixed-Term (Installment) Financing Methods vs. Revolving Credit Methods

  • Fixed-term financing, or installment credit, allows customers to pay a low, fixed amount per month with a set end date. The APR can be set the same for all of a business’ customers based on the partnership agreement, as done by UCFS. Other finance companies frequently adjust the APR based on the consumer’s credit. The higher the consumer risk – the higher the APR. In addition, a same-as-cash promotion can be offered, but if a consumer payoff is not on time, interest kicks in.
  • Revolving credit allows customers to pay a minimum monthly amount with no set end date. At first, this may seem like the preferred consumer financing method – to give your customers the lowest monthly payment – but, ultimately, this can take customers years (decades, even) to pay off and interest could double the original purchase price.

How to Offer Financing to Customers: 4 Must-Know Factors

Here’s what you need to know about offering consumer financing to your customers:

  1. By aligning your business with the right payment option, you can say yes to customers who previously could not afford your services and help customers with less-than-perfect or limited credit.
    • With your goal of meeting customers’ needs and offering every customer a financing option that suits their budget, installment financing programs can approve customers with credit that is not optimum. This helps more customers secure financing.
  2. Through certain consumer financing programs, your customers can finance the total cost of your services.
    • When you offer your customers a financing option that approves a higher dollar limit, it’s not only beneficial to customers, but also favorable for your business, as you can provide the total cost of services or products without the need for discounts.
  3. Merchant fees are largely unavoidable, regardless of which consumer financing payment option you choose for your business. However, there are certain customer financing programs that will allow you to keep more of your money.
    • Try to align your business with a customer financing program that only requires merchants to pay a fee when financing a customer. Additionally, look for a program that has no minimum-usage fees, no monthly fees, no up-front or application fees, no recourse program and no requirement on how often a merchant must use the financing service.
  4. Not every consumer financing program will have your customer’s best interest in mind, but through specific routes, you can give your customers the best opportunity to repay.
    • Keep in mind that with a low, fixed amount per month – with a set end date – your customers can completely pay off the cost of service(s) all while on a term that meets their monthly budget, with minimal impact to their daily financial commitment.

Take the Guess Work Out of Consumer Financing

As a leading provider of fixed-term installment consumer financing, we work hard to help our partners streamline and grow their business, approve more customers, and help consumers get the services, products or care they want and need.

At United Consumer Financial Services, we work with merchants of all types including distributors, medical providers, retailers, call centers, home improvement businesses and most other types of businesses to provide the best consumer financing services available today.

UCFS team members offer welcome material, one-on-one phone/web support and in-person meetings to educate our business partners on:

  • How to offer consumer financing/low monthly payments
  • How to overcome consumer objections
  • Creating marketing material to promote low monthly payments.

We educate prospects during the sales cycle, offer invaluable tips and insights on how financing works, and work hard to help professionals create a plan specific for their business.

Also – through printed and downloadable materials, videos, monthly webinars, and helpful e-newsletters – we do the leg work for our partners so they can remain up-to-date on all things consumer financing.

Learn more about partnering with UCFS or get in touch with us directly today:

Stay tuned for our third and final post in our three-part series on consumer financing solutions where we will discuss how to overcome objections to financing a sale.

Consumer Financing Solutions Part 1: Common Reasons Why Businesses Offer Financing

This is the first post in our three-part series on consumer financing solutions. This article begins the discussion on incorporating consumer financing into your business by highlighting its benefits and examining why consumer financing may be right for your business.

Closing the deal, boosting sales, increasing conversions, growing the customer base, providing care to more patients – however your company or practice views and acknowledges growth, one thing is certain: Growing your bottom line comes down to acquiring new customers.

Of course, this is always easier said than done because, as you well know, a potential consumer or patient may be extremely interested in moving forward with your services, but if they don’t have the upfront funds needed to cover costs, they will waive the service or decline the product or work altogether.

Enter a consumer financing solution and you could be experiencing a completely different outcome.

How Consumer Financing Works

While each consumer financing program will vary depending on provider, most are generally designed to convert potential consumers into new and reoccurring customers, clients and patients.

How? By offering a third payment option – in addition to cash and credit card – via fixed, low monthly payments.

Consumer financing shows potential customers that an affordable monthly payment plan is available, so they can obtain the product or service in advance and not have to save for several years and then buy.

Additionally, consumer financing helps customers (who may have initially been deterred by an upfront payment) feel capable of repayment and confident in the purchase or service.

In general terms, this is how consumer financing works:

  • Your customer selects the financing option and applies for financing by completing a credit application.
  • Your customer gets approved.
  • You move forward with the sale, project, service or medical procedure right away.
  • After the contract is signed, your business is funded the cost of service, less the small financing service fee.
    • For home improvements, once a project completion certificate is received by the financing provider, your business is funded the cost of service, less the small financing service fee.
  • When the sale is complete, your customer begins repayments to the financing provider.
  • Your business typically has no responsibility for consumer repayment. (Excludes fraud)

10 Benefits of Offering Financing to Customers

Consumer financing is an advantageous payment option that offers improved convenience and acts in the best interest of your clientele and business.

Delivering an array of advantages, here’s how your business could benefit by offering consumers a financing solution:

Your business can:

  1. Help more customers
  2. Stay current
  3. Have the potential to increase conversions to sell more
  4. Have the potential to make larger sales
  5. Have the potential to make sales more often
  6. Drive repeat business
  7. Reduce financial risk
  8. Offer payment flexibility and give customers the best opportunity to repay their account in full
  9. Increase customer loyalty
  10. See an increase in word-of-mouth advertising

We can’t forget to mention that with the right financing partner, incorporating a consumer financing solution into your business is easy, stress free and a way to stand out from competitors.

With someone else assuming your customers’ financials, you can focus on running and growing your business with even more sales – no additional steps, no stressful follow-ups, and no time wasted on managing client financing.

Is Consumer Financing Right for Your Business?

Does offering consumer financing seem like a no-brainer? Are you wondering, “What’s the catch?”

Without question, integrating a consumer financing solution into your business fosters a lot of pros, but you still need to make sure it’s the right move for your business.

As you’re researching various customer financing programs and determining if one is right for your business, here are six things to consider:

  1. What fees are associated with this consumer financing solution and will it allow me to keep more of my money?
  2. Can my customers or patients finance the total cost of my services through this consumer financing solution?
  3. Will this consumer financing solution be available to as many consumers and patients as possible – even consumers with credit that is not optimum?
  4. Will this consumer financing solution be a good financing option for all my customers?
  5. Will this consumer financing solution work in the best interest of both my customers/patients and my business/practice?
  6. Will this consumer financing solution align with and tailor to my business/practice?

Discover One of the Best Consumer Financing Programs with a Top Provider

With UCFS, a leading provider of fixed-term installment consumer financing, you can streamline and grow your business, approve more customers, and help them get the services, products or care they want and need.

We work with merchants, distributors, medical providers, retailers and most other types of businesses to provide the best consumer financing services available today – so you can help your customers finance all or just part of their service, product or procedure through an option that is favorable to them and your business on multiple levels.

What questions do you have? We’re here to help you make an informed decision for your business and look forward to discussing how UCFS can grow your top and bottom line.

Learn more about partnering with UCFS or get in touch with us directly today:

Stay tuned for our second post in our three-part series on consumer financing solutions where we will discuss what you need to know about offering consumer financing, including the training and one-on-one support offered by UCFS.

5 Consumer Payment Factors Medical Practices Should Consider

Consider this: You have a patient who’s ready to move forward with a procedure or treatment, but they don’t have enough cash or credit available to pay, so they – unfortunately – waive the service altogether or ask for a discount.

Or, perhaps your practice offers a financing option, but this particular patient doesn’t qualify or can’t get approved to finance the entire cost – here again, forcing them to decline a medical treatment or product that they need.

As a professional in the medical industry, you undoubtedly see this almost every day.

Knowing patients aren’t getting the medical services or equipment they need or want is an unsettling feeling for medical professionals and practices across the country – leaving many searching for low monthly payments through installment credit that can be obtained for more customers.

Consumer Financing Solutions: Are You Meeting as Many Patient Payment Needs as Possible?

After medical insurance, the most widely-used payment options in the medical industry are credit cards (revolving credit) and cash (HSA, FSA, cash).

With your end goal of meeting patients’ needs and offering every patient a financing option that suits their budget, it’s worth it to ask yourself:

  • Is the consumer financing solution available to as many patients as possible?
  • Is the consumer financing solution a good option for all my customers?
  • What works in the best interest of both my patients and my practice?
  • Is the financing program tailored to my practice?

When looking for a better option or reevaluating your current consumer financing solution, it’s important to consider the following five factors:

The Right Consumer Financing Option Can Help You Provide Care to More Patients

5 Factors to Keep Top of Mind:

  1. How to Approve More Patients: By aligning your practice with the right payment option, you can say yes to patients who previously could not afford your service and help service patients with less-than-perfect or limited credit.
    • Installment credit, or fixed-term financing methods can approve a patient with credit that is not optimum – ultimately helping more patients secure financing.
    • Health-care credit cards might not approve patients with less than ideal credit or, if they do, they approve for a very low limit.
  2. How to Finance the Total Cost of Services: Through certain financing methods, your patients can finance the total cost of services.
    • Installment credit, or fixed-term financing methods, typically has a higher dollar limit. This is not only exceedingly advantageous for patients, but it’s also beneficial for medical providers because they can provide their total cost of services or products without the need for discounts.
    • Revolving and health-care credit methods usually involve a spend limit, where – depending on the total cost of service – can mean a patient can’t pay for the entire procedure or equipment.
  3. How to Understand Merchant Fees: Regardless of which credit-related payment options your practice offers, there are unavoidable business fees. Certain payment methods, however, allow you to keep more of your money.
    • Installment credit, or fixed-term financing methods require merchants to only pay a fee when financing a customer.

      With a fixed-term financing method, there are:

      • No minimum fees
      • No monthly fees
      • No up-front or application fees
      • No requirement on how often a merchant uses the financing service
      • No recourse program
      • A percentage of the total amount financed – because with a no recourse program, UCFS assumes liability of consumer repayment, not the business.
      • An additional processing fee for a same-as-cash financing option, because the finance charge is eliminated on the contracts.
    • Health-care credit cards come tied to various fees, such as:
      • A fee for the merchant to sign up (application fee)
      • A monthly non-usage fee if the merchant doesn’t utilize the credit method enough
      • A percentage of the total amount financed
      • An additional processing fee for a same-as-cash financing option
    • Major credit cards can provide some of the lowest merchant fees. However, so few patients can or are willing to charge thousands of dollars to max out their card.

    When a patient uses a major credit card, merchants will pay a smaller processing fee. Patients, on the other hand, bear the brunt of the fees with a high interest rate.

    There is also always the risk with major credit cards that a patient won’t have enough available credit to finance the entire service. Here again, forcing them to waive the service or ask for a discount.

  4. How to Help Patients Achieve Repayment Success: Not every payment option has your patient’s best interest in mind, but through specific routes, you can give your patients the best opportunity to repay.
    • Installment credit, or fixed-term financing methods gives patients the best opportunity to repay their account in full. Patients pay a low, fixed amount per month with a set end date that helps them completely pay off medical costs for the exact amount of the installment contract – all while on a term that meets their monthly budget.

    With fixed-term financing methods, the APR is usually set no matter what a consumer’s credit is. Of course, just like health-care and revolving credit methods, if a same as cash promotion is not met, interest will kick in.

    • Health-care and revolving credit methods allow patients to pay a minimum monthly amount. While this may seem like the preferred route to many patients, it actually sets them up for years and years of – you guessed it – revolving credit that could span close to 10 years. In the end, this can be more of a burden on patients.

    For revolving credit terms, a consumer could make a minimum monthly payment that takes decades to pay off, and interest could double the original purchase price. With major credit cards, a consumer could max out their credit card and not have room for every-day spending.

    Additionally, with health-care and revolving credit methods, if a patient has poor credit, they may be stuck with a high APR.

  5. How to Get Patients to Refer Friends and Family to You: Ultimately, the quality of your services is what drives your practice and reputation forward. You know this better than anyone.

    It’s important to keep in mind that all the extras you do for your patients don’t go unnoticed, and with something as significant as a helpful financing option – that ensures your practice and patients benefit – it can be the incremental difference in gaining more referrals and revenue.

With UCFS, a Leading Provider of Fixed-Term Consumer Financing, You Can Approve More Patients

With United Consumer Financial Services, you can help patients find relief in obtaining the medical treatment or equipment they need and finance the entire procedure or purchase through an option that is favorable to your patients and your practice on multiple levels.

We work with medical industry professionals to provide the best consumer financing services available today.

Are your payment options helping as many patients as possible and helping you grow your top and bottom line?

Learn more about partnering with UCFS or contact us today at 877-373-3482.

Top 3 Reasons for Tax Relief Companies to Offer Financing

Tax relief services help taxpayers solve their issues, reduce their level of debt, provide guidance on audits and form payment agreements with the IRS by negotiating settlements for fractions of what they owe. In order to create the strongest business strategy possible, firms should offer tax relief financing so taxpayers can cover the cost of professional tax services in low monthly payments.

1. Increased Cash Flow

With consumer financing services through a company like UCFS, businesses can see improved cash flow. Rather than the firm offering their own in-house financing services, UCFS takes on the risk of consumer repayment and funds the business in a few days. Firms experience greater financial stability and can provide their services to a wider range of consumers, who in turn gain peace of mind knowing that their case is being handled efficiently and effectively.

2. More Affordable Services

Tax relief financing plans through UCFS ensure services can be paid for and can encourage new consumers to seek out a firm. Many individuals need tax relief services but can’t afford the single large up-front payment. When firms offer financing through UCFS, those consumers can now have low monthly payments. UCFS repayment plans can be as short as 6 months or as long as 36 months in order to accommodate the widest possible range of consumer budgetary needs.

3. Minimize Collections

Many tax relief firms are hesitant about offering in-house financing because account management takes away from other revenue producing jobs. UCFS takes repayment management off a firm’s shoulders by fully managing the repayment plans agreed upon by consumers. Businesses eliminate invoicing and collection calls by outsourcing consumer repayment. Our easy-to-use consumer portals and auto-pay options make the repayment process simple while our professional and friendly customer service team is available 8 AM to midnight most days, should consumers need assistance.

Offer Consumer Tax Relief Financing with UCFS

UCFS offers tax relief services financing to businesses in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. No matter where a firm or business is in the country, we’re ready and eager to provide the best services possible. Learn more about the ways we can serve you and your customers by completing the form on this page or calling 877-373-3482.

The Many Benefits of Consumer Financing Options

Running a business that stands out from the rest is challenging in any industry. While integrity, quality products and services as well as excellent customer care are all essential elements to building a good reputation, they fall by the wayside when customers have difficulties paying for products or services upfront. However, there is one solution that allows a business to have it all: a consumer finance program.

With flexible payment options, consumers can pay for products and services and recommend businesses to friends and family. But a broader spectrum of customers is just one of the benefits a business can experience with consumer financing solutions on their side.

Reliable Payments

With consumer financing services from a company like UCFS, businesses no longer have to follow up on billing deadlines or experience cash flow complications due to funds arriving later than expected. Instead, after a sale is completed, UCFS promptly pays the business and handles the consumer’s repayment plan, including follow-ups on overdue payments and help with any financing questions they may have. The end result is greater financial stability for the business and friendly, professional services for customers, who can make necessary purchases without worrying about high upfront costs.

Quick Approval

Having a quick and easy credit approval process is crucial to successfully closing deals. It adds professionalism to a business interaction and ensures that requested services can begin immediately, which is important for unexpected or emergency events, as well as planned expenses such as paying for a pet, medical equipment or a cleaning system. UCFS has a high credit approval rate, meaning our merchants can offer consumer financing options to the widest margin of customers possible.

Co-Branded Materials & Training

Letting customers know about the full range of available payment options helps encourage them to complete a sale. UCFS offers brochures, web materials and other informational pieces such as window clings or hang tags for retailers.  This material can help make it easier for sellers to discuss low monthly payments with their consumers. Brochures can be co-branded to represent the partnership between UCFS and the business it serves.

Because UCFS wants our merchant customers to succeed, we provide training on the processes and services we offer. Sales associates then feel confident as they walk consumers through the UCFS consumer financing model. If questions arise, UCFS is always happy to supply answers.  Our team is available to merchants from 8am – 2am, most days.

Simple Merchant & Consumer Portals

Keeping track of customer accounts and payment histories can be complicated and winds up pulling valuable time away from what’s really important: developing great products and offering quality services. With UCFS’s easy-to-use merchant portal, businesses can monitor the progress of accounts. Meanwhile, with the consumer portal, customers can contact UCFS and make their low, fixed monthly payments. Auto-pay setup is available when a customer signs their financing contract. UCFS is a consumer financing solution that works for everyone!

Partner with UCFS

While there are many consumer financing companies, none are as eager to contribute to your business’s success as UCFS. We provide friendly assistance not just to the people within your company, but also to the customers and patients we help you serve. Continue learning about consumer financing solutions through UCFS, or sign up for our merchant program today by completing the form on this page.

Medical Procedure Financing: How UCFS Can Help Hospitals And Clinics Finance Patient Costs

Medical bills have been cited as a leading cause of debt or even bankruptcy for many Americans. It’s believed that this may be a result of more employers making the switch to high-deductible health plan options.

Years ago, high-deductible plans were viewed as an inventive way to save employers money on healthcare costs, while encouraging policyholders to be more conscientious about service-related medical costs. It was believed that these plans would force people to shop around for better prices when it came to service providers and other needs, but they didn’t.

Fast forward to now. It’s been estimated that about 86 percent of employers offer high-deductible health plan options. What does that mean for policyholders? It often means more out-of-pocket costs and more people having a difficult time when it comes to paying their medical bills.

Medical facilities are feeling the strain of this, too. As patient medical debt increases, so does a hospital’s or clinic’s debt portfolio. Large deductibles can greatly reduce patients’ abilities to cover treatment-related costs. And when patients land in collections, it means even more costs for hospitals. As outstanding accounts sit in collections, it takes a substantial amount of time and money to try to recover them. And while hospital accounts receivable departments work hard to retrieve these balances, the likelihood of them ever being repaid grows less and less.

Let UCFS Help With Medical Procedure Financing

United Financial Consumer Services (UCFS) knows how important it is for medical facilities to maintain the balance between managing patient financial matters and providing benevolent care. We can help bridge the gap between the two with our medical procedure financing service for hospitals and clinics.

UCFS has been providing budget-friendly repayment plans for a wide variety of industries since 1980. Our professional services financing can be custom tailored to meet a medical facility’s exact requirements. Plus, there are a number of benefits to working with us.

For Hospitals And Clinics:

  • Quick credit decisions using criteria beyond credit scores
  • The medical facility is paid, not the patient
  • A program where UCFS services patient accounts to increase the collection rate
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Co-branding options for patient brochures

For Patients:

  • Financed amounts of up to $10,000
  • Dedicated, friendly financing and customer service teams
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Interest rates that are competitive or lower than other medical procedure finance companies
  • Easy auto-pay with an online portal for account review

Make UCFS Medical Procedure Financing An Option At Your Hospital Or Clinic

With UCFS, past-due collection accounts can be financed as well as planned procedures. Learn more about our programs, and sign up for free to start working with UCFS today.

UCFS partners with medical facilities so that financing can be offered to patients. If you are a patient who wants to finance a procedure or balance due, please have your medical facility contact UCFS about our financing program. 

UCFS Dental Financing: How Dentists Can Help Patients Pay for Dentures

Everyone deserves to have a smile they love. But the perfect smile can come with a hefty price tag. Patients can rack up dental costs for braces in adolescence or adulthood, or for dental implants or dentures later on in life. While the costs can be overwhelming, even for those with dental insurance, there’s a way that dental care providers can help patients pay for expensive procedures — through a dental practice financing plan from UCFS.

Average Cost of Dentures 

While some patients are able to pay for their dental procedures outright, others might find the costs to be major financial burdens. For instance, denture prices can run between $600 and $1,000 for a lower-cost set, or between $4,000 and $8,000 for a premium, heat-cured set.

When a major charge stands between a smile that instills confidence and the patient who is in need of it, a dental care provider no longer has to feel like the situation is beyond their control. With UCFS’ financing options for dental practices, dental care providers can continue to deliver the quality care and services their patients need in a more affordable manner.

UCFS Offers A Dental Practice Financing Solution

With dental financing from UCFS, dental care providers can offer patients payment solutions for dentures or other related services. Our dental financing program can also be extended to those who need wisdom teeth removal, braces, root canals, gum surgery, implants, and even cosmetic procedures. UCFS’ dental financing program is open to:

  • Endodontists
  • General Dentristy Providers
  • Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Oral Surgeons
  • Orthodontists
  • Periodontists
  • Prosthodontists

It’s Easy To Enroll

To get started, a dental care provider simply has to register their business with UCFS so the practice can offer financing plans. There is no fee to do this. Once enrolled, providers can start offering patient financing right away. The dental practice will be paid directly and promptly by UCFS when patients are approved for dental financing, so there’s no need to worry about reimbursement or payments from patients. UCFS will handle patient repayment of the contract during the contract period.

Let’s Discuss How We Can Help Your Dental Practice

If you’re a dental care provider who’s interested in dental financing through UCFS, call us or fill out the form to request more information. UCFS partners with dental professionals, enabling them to offer their patients affordable financing options.

If you are a patient who wants low monthly payments, please tell your dental care provider to connect with us.

How Hearing Centers Can Help With Hearing Aid Costs (And Why They Really Need To)

In the United States, over two-thirds of adults over 50 who might benefit from hearing aids don’t use them. Why? Because of cost alone. While any good audiologist or hearing aid specialist is driven to help patients, they may feel powerless when the patient’s financial situation prohibits large lump-sum costs. However, there is a simple way that hearing centers can help with hearing aid costs while ensuring financial stability for their business.

Addressing Rising Costs Within The Hearing Aid Industry

Hearing aid sales can be difficult for audiologists and specialists to make, though not due to a lack of features or convenience: today’s hearing aids are more discreet than ever and advanced models even come with adjustable presets for different environments, such as crowded rooms.

The problem is cost. If a patient wanted to invest in the latest hearing aid technology, they could spend up to $10,000 for a pair of hearing aids. The average hearing aid price range is $3,000-$5,000 per pair, including testing and professional service fees. Since many insurance companies deem hearing aids an elective treatment, obtaining the needed coverage can be a challenge for most patients.

One hearing aid alternative for patients is a personal sound amplification product or PSAP. PSAPs can cost anywhere from $80-$500 and include features like microphone lapel clips and noise cancellation capabilities. While PSAPs are more cost-effective, they do not perform at the same level of hearing aids in noisy environments and can be cumbersome in design.

The good news for patients and hearing aid centers: hearing aid assistance exists and the financing process becomes easier when audiologists and specialists partner with UCFS.

How UCFS Can Help Businesses Provide Hearing Aid Assistance

A hearing aid financing program with UCFS can help audiologists and specialists provide financial help for hearing aids upon patient request and when discussing payment options. A hearing aid technician or salesperson should always discuss the low monthly payments offered through a financing plan. A UCFS financing plan empowers hearing aid centers to offer their services while giving patients a variety of payment options to get the hearing aids they need — and regain the quality of life they want.

Benefits For Businesses:

  • Capture a larger share of business and improve hearing aid sales
  • Prompt and direct payments from UCFS
  • Easy online merchant portal to review payments and accounts
  • No setup or monthly membership fees for the merchant program
  • Branded brochures and training available to help specialists inform patients of their options

Benefits For Patients:

  • Financed amounts of up to $10,000
  • Fast and easy credit decisions
  • Easy online patient payment portal, including auto-pay options
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Access to high-quality hearing aid technology

Choose UCFS As Your Hearing Aid Financing Partner Today

Offering financing options will assist in the process of selling hearing aids, but partnering with UCFS helps hearing aid industry professionals gain so much more. As your business partner, we will provide the same helpful and caring service to patients that you provide at your hearing center. To learn more about how a UCFS hearing aid financing program could help your business, contact us today.

The Funeral Industry’s Ethical Dilemma: How To Help Families Afford The Services Loved Ones Deserve

The funeral industry is in a uniquely difficult position. While it exists to help families honor loved ones in the dignified ways they deserve, it’s not exempt from the realities of customers’ budgets. And sadly, death and grief affect families in all economic circumstances.

A natural sense of empathy for those who are grieving can weigh heavily on funeral business owners, especially when a family is not financially prepared for the cost of a funeral. In the spirit of compassion, owners may feel compelled to offer deep discounts — but no business can survive by operating at a loss.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way for funeral business owners to mitigate customers’ costs without sacrificing their own financial stability.

How The Funeral Industry Can Help With Funeral Costs

In the United States, the average cost of traditional funeral arrangements ranges from $8,000-$10,000. For many families, covering such costs upfront can seem impossible. Most businesses within the death care industry try to offer discounts, but frequently doing so can make it difficult to cover operational costs, including permit renewals to meet national, state and local regulations.

To remain financially viable while still offering funeral assistance to families who need it, death care industry professionals should consider funeral financing options.

Financing options can help make a painful time a little easier for families. It can also help funeral providers set their businesses apart from other local death care providers. Having a diverse selection of payment options shows customers the most important thing they need to see: that the funeral home they’ve selected is committed to helping ensure a beautiful service for their loved one.

How UCFS Can Help The Funeral Industry

UCFS offers funeral business owners and families a variety of benefits to help make funeral plans as worry-free as possible.

For Businesses:

  • Quick credit decisions using criteria beyond credit scores
  • Direct payments from UCFS
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Co-branding options for informational materials such as brochures
  • Online merchant portal for easy account and payment review

For Families:

  • Financed amounts of up to $10,000
  • Dedicated, friendly finance and customer service teams
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Ability to choose any funeral service amenities and options they desire
  • Online portal for easy bill payment and review, including auto-pay options

Make UCFS An Option At Your Funeral Business

Offering funeral financing through UCFS means choosing the most responsible and caring way to help with funeral costs. Learn more about our programs, and sign up for free to begin working with UCFS today.