Cleaning System Financing

Keeping a home clean is crucial for creating a healthy living space. And for a truly deep clean, consumers need to either hire cleaning services or buy high-quality equipment for themselves.

Yet, despite the many benefits of the investment, some consumers choose to forego the purchase because they cannot cover the full cost of the equipment. They may resort to lower-quality cleaning system with poor quality, not getting the great system to perform the breadth of tasks they need for. Help your customers afford the clean homes they want and need with cleaning system financing options through UCFS.

Advantages of Financing For Your Customers

  • Customers have quick access to your cleaning systems
  • Fixed, low monthly payments that are easier for customers to handle, instead of a lump sum payment up front
  • Financing for all or a portion of the cost
  • Credit approval within minutes for immediate purchases, so your product can remain in your customer’s home after doing a demo
  • High percentage of applicants approved, meaning that customers with lower credit can be approved
  • Simple online payment portal for easy account inquiry to view balance or make payments
  • Online autopay options for bank or debit/credit cards
Vacuum Cleaner Financing with United Consumer Financial Services
Cleaning System Financing Services from UCFS

Advantages For Your Business

  • Capture a larger share of business by offering cash, credit card and a third payment option – financing/ low monthly payments!
  • Make your cleaning products available to customers of more income levels
  • Process credit applications online or using paper, and then calling the UCFS credit app hotline
  • Increase your sales and improve cash flow
  • Easily view accounts through an online portal
  • Differentiate from other cleaning system distributors
  • Receive payment promptly, usually in 1-3 days
  • Provide this additional payment method to your customers to help capture a large share of the market.

How UCFS Can Help You

If you’re searching for a company that offers financing services and payment plans for cleaning systems for your customers, we can help.

At UCFS, we’re always ready to help businesses grow with the help of our professional cleaning system financing services and in house financing. Our dedicated cleaning system finance professionals are here to assist you with any questions, any time. To get you started, we’ll guide you through the no-fee merchant program sign-up process and find the right program options for your organization and sales force. Such options will help expand your customer base and make the sales process smoother for all; since customers can be approved within minutes, they won’t have to turn away your salespeople because they are short on cash. The customers can purchase immediately, and the completed contract is paid to the seller promptly, leaving both customers and sellers happy.

Becoming a United Consumer Financial Services Client Is Easy

  • First, complete the UCFS Merchant Agreement Forms — at no cost — and allow approximately 3-4 business days for processing
  • Complete a brief personal training on the UCFS credit app process (about 15 minutes)
  • Then start offering financing to your customers!

Learn how offering consumer financing can help your business grow.

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