CoolSculpting Financing Solutions

The end result of your CoolSculpting treatments have undoubtedly proven to be life-altering for your patients. However, as a procedure that isn’t considered medically necessary, anyone who desires this treatment is responsible for all costs.

Since many potential patients are wondering does insurance cover CoolSculpting, how much does CoolSculpting cost, and how to afford CoolSculpting, offering CoolSculpting financing to every new or returning patient can mean helping more patients obtain the service they want as well as growing your business.

As a leader in medical financing solutions, we work with medical professionals and practices to provide the best patient financing services available today. When you partner with UCFS, your patients can obtain the CoolSculpting treatment they want through a financing option that offers low monthly payments.

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Learn more about our CoolSculpting cost financing solutions:

How Financing for CoolSculpting Works

  • Register your clinic or practice with UCFS for free. The UCFS Merchant Agreement forms are quick and easy to complete and processed in two to three business days.
  • After registration, your practice can immediately start offering financing for CoolSculpting procedures
  • When a patient opts for low monthly payments for their CoolSculpting treatment(s), an online credit application is completed and a credit decision is provided almost immediately.
  • If approved, you can start the treatment right away.
  • Your practice is funded within a few days of the procedure being completed.
  • Once the treatment is complete, the patient begins their repayments to UCFS.
What We Can Do For You

With UCFS’ fast and convenient financing integrated into your practice, you don’t have to leave patients dependent on their personal cash and credit card bandwidth, or without a payment option altogether. Financing is the ideal method of payment for both CoolSculpting providers and patients. By adding our low, monthly, fixed payment option to your services, procedures are possible for more patients – even individuals with less than optimal credit – and you can grow your practice.  And, post a link on your company website so your patients can enter their own credit application to save your employees time – and review the submitted credit app to then convert it to a contract.

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Benefits for Your Patients:
  • Fixed, low monthly payments for 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months
  • Quick approval using criteria beyond credit scores for immediate scheduling or same-day procedures
  • High percentage of applicants approved
  • Financing amounts from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Personable and dedicated customer service professionals
  • Online autopay for bank or debit/credit cards

Benefits for CoolSculpting Clinics & Practices

  • Practice growth through improved cash flow for your business
  • Add a payment method that offers improved convenience and access to your treatments and services, to provide services to more patients
  • Co-branding options on informational materials includes personalized brochures and web templates of text and images.
  • Pay only when you use the service – once a day or once a year!
  • No registration fee, no setup fee, no monthly fees, no minimum usage fees
  • Fast approval to streamline scheduling or immediately start a procedure

With your end goal of meeting patients’ needs and offering every patient a payment option that suits their budget, with UCFS consumer financing you can provide services to more patients and get them the treatment they want.

Let’s talk about how our CoolSculpting cost financing solution can help more of your patients and help you grow your top and bottom line.

Give us a call at 877-373-3482 or fill out the form below. We look forward to providing further information and discussing how UCFS can benefit both you and your patients.

If you’re an individual interested in CoolSculpting services and looking for a straightforward way to pay with low monthly payments, talk with your provider and have them get in touch with us today.

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Learn how offering consumer financing can help your business grow.

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