Merchant Financial Services

UCFS has purchased nearly 4 million retail installment contracts in our 35+ years in business and we are always looking for new distributers.

UCFS has established itself as a trusted provider of consumer financing solutions regardless of the industry. Our unique and custom approach allows us to service nearly any industry; simply contact us. We’d love to discuss how UCFS could provide financing for your organization.

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Other Merchant Financing via United Consumer Financial Services

UCFS can provide consumer finance programs for a variety of products and services including

  • Home Cleaning Products and Services
  • Fire Alarm Products and Services
  • Air Purifiers & Water Systems
  • Cookware Products
  • Medical/Dental Procedures
  • Home Improvement Products and Services
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Funeral Services and Products
  • Energy Conservation
  • Floor Care
  • Vision Procedures
  • There is room for you, contact us to learn more.

Learn how offering consumer financing can help your business grow.

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