Medical Equipment Financing

For patients needing or wanting medical or mobility equipment, especially when not covered by insurance or for an elective reason, the cost can be challenging.  UCFS' goal is to help every patient obtain the equipment they want and need. That's why fixed-term loans (closed-end financing) are a terrific payment option for medical and mobility equipment/devices.

It happens every day, a patient needs a scooter, lift chair, low vision prescription glasses or a POC. Perhaps insurance does not cover the cost of your item. Or, your newer model isn't covered by insurance at the time you need it. Financing out-of-pocket or non-covered insurance procedures can be the difference to obtaining the right equipment for a better life.

How it Works

  • Medical equipment retailers or call centers register with UCFS to be a business that offers consumer financing (no registration fee)
  • When a patient wants help paying for equipment, the business creates
    a credit application – either online or on paper and called in to UCFS
  • Within minutes, the business can inform the customer of credit app approval and the sale can be completed immediately.
  • The medical equipment company is paid directly and promptly
  • Patient begins repayment of financed amount.
Medical and mobility equipment can include:
  • POCs / Portable Oxygen
  • Low vision devices
  • Lift Chairs
  • Motorized Scooters
  • Power Chairs
  • Sleep Aid Machines:
    CPAP and APAP devices
  • Hospital Beds

To help providers in this changing market, and to allow patients access to the best medical and mobility equipment, financing is the ideal method of payment for both patients and businesses.  Financing is especially helpful for people depending on available cash and credit cards to manage day-to-day expenses. By adding a low, monthly, fixed amount, purchases are possible for more patients.

UCFS financing features include:
  • Patient approval in minutes
  • A high percentage of approved patients
  • Finance amounts of $1,000 to $10,000
  • Low, fixed monthly payments with a set term number of months
  • Interest rates that are competitive or lower than most other finance companies
  • No fee for early payoff
  • Online merchant portal to review accounts
  • Full-service website for patient account reference, online payment and to set up autopay.
  • No-interest, same-as-cash options when paid in the specified time frame, (if provided by the business and if the buyer meets credit requirements).
A POC customer finances her freedom with an OxyGo!

Every patient deserves the best medical care possible – which includes the right medical equipment!  UCFS is committed to helping patients obtain medical equipment to ensure they can live their best life possible. With UCFS financing, patients who might have purchased a device using insurance, and are not able to purchase an updated model using insurance for an extended length of time, can now finance the new device! No delaying until the “right time.”

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Purchases can be delivered directly to your home
  • Freedom from heavy and time-restricted oxygen tanks
  • Financing covered the expense because the insurance timing was still several years away for a new device.


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