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5 Benefits of Offering Financing for Your Outdoor, Invisible, Electric Fence Company

Increasing accessibility and affordability are critical factors in boosting outdoor electric, out-of-sight dog fence sales. You’ve got a great product, whether it’s called freedom fence, invisible fence, outdoor electric fence, or containment fence. A primary barrier to sales is typically financial. Offering consumer financing is the solution to help serve more homeowners.

Read on as we highlight a few of the many benefits of offering financing for your company selling outdoor electric invisible fencing for pets and how doing so serves your customers and helps grow your business.

1. Increase the Size of Your Projects (and AOV of Your Sales)

Pet parents choose an invisible fence because it allows their dogs or cats to roam freely and safely. Instead of keeping them in a restrictive cage, pets can play independently without the hazards of off-leash behavior. In addition, pet owner who are short on time can let their pet outside to do their business – without needing to be attentive!

For many pet owners, an invisible fence completely changes (and enhances) pet ownership. However, budget constraints can prevent individuals from maximizing their fencing coverage. Or worse yet, the upfront cost of installing an outdoor invisible fence around their yard might prevent them from exploring the purchase further. That means you lose a sale, and someone’s family pet doesn’t have the protection they need to enjoy their yard and home to the fullest.

Consumer financing options from United Consumer Financial Services simplify the purchase decision. Predictable, fixed payment plans allow your customers to choose the type of fencing that best fits their needs and maximizes their protected area at a price that fits their budgets. When shoppers realize the purchasing power consumer financing provides, they have the freedom and flexibility to upgrade their fencing coverage and accessories, and you benefit from increased average order values.

2. Secure the Sale the Same-Day to Schedule Installations Immediately

Consumer financing options from United Consumer Financial Services make same-day purchase decisions possible so you can promptly schedule your customer’s fencing installation. Our simple application and quick approval notice streamline the purchase process and empower you to begin installation when needed.

United Consumer Financial Services makes offering financing simple. The application is easy, and notice of approval is granted in minutes. This allows you to capitalize on the urgency of safe fencing and empower your customers to choose an invisible containment fence today.

3. Help New Customers Keep Their Pets Safe

Safety is a top priority with invisible freedom fences. Pet owners look to you to provide secure and effective fencing options that keep their four-legged family safe and out of harm’s way. However, many consumers don’t have the resources to pay for their invisible fence upfront. As a result, they must settle for pet containment options that are less ideal and less effective.

UCFS believes safety and peace of mind should never be compromised due to a lack of lump sum cash, less-than-ideal credit, or other financial obstacles that make outright purchases impossible for some shoppers. And out-of-site, invisible fencing is veterinarian approved!

United Consumer Financial Services help your prospective customers choose your service right away, to help their pet stay safe. Offering financing is an easy decision.

4. Facilitate the Purchase of Training, a Warranty and Service Plan

An invisible fence protects pets from harm and can keep them out of gardens, clear of neighbors’ yards, and away from other spaces where they’re not wanted or safe. However, an electric pet fence is only effective if it works as intended and pet parents use it correctly.

Ensuring every customer knows how to train their pet for the most effective protection is essential. Pet owners should have a warranty and service plan to help keep pets safe and happy. Pet training can include just a few sessions or dozens to ensure the pet is completely trained to stay within the fence.

Add-on purchases, like training, a warranty, a maintenance package, and a battery subscription, may strain wallets after the major purchase of a dog fence. But including these accessory purchases before you close the sale will enhance your customers’ purchases, save them money in the long term, and deliver convenience when they need it most.

Offering consumer financing helps you facilitate purchases like these at the point of sale. Financing allows your customers to reap the benefits of training, warranties or battery subscriptions without adding a significant upfront cost to their fence purchase. For just dollars more per payment, they can have the peace of mind that their major purchase is under warranty, they have a maintenance or service plan in place, and new batteries will arrive at their door when old batteries need replacing –– and they don’t have to think about it.

All the while, you increase your sales values and provide truly life-saving service for your customers’ pets.

5. Optimize Cash Flow to Help Your Business Thrive

As a dealer or franchise selling and installing safe pet fencing, you know that cash flow is essential to a thriving business. You need access to your earnings to operate day-to-day and work toward expansion. Consumer financing is a key asset to your pet fence company as you explore ways to serve your customers best while maximizing profitability and growth.

Partnering with United Consumer Financial Services gives you access to established, proven consumer financing programs built to serve merchants and their customers. Our team handles application, approval, and payment collection from your customer for the life of the loan. Your business is paid in just one to two days after the project is complete, giving you prompt access to your earnings so you can allocate those resources where they’re needed most.

A partnership with UCFS gives you the peace of mind that predictable, reliable cash flow brings.

Reap the Benefits of Consumer Financing Today

Dog fence dealers know you can’t overestimate the value of safety, security, and peace of mind. We feel the same at UCFS.

Our consumer financing solution provides these benefits and more to your business. With 45 years of financing expertise, we know your needs and deliver the financing services you and your customers want.

No matter what your business name – Safe Pet Fencing, The Dog Fence Company, Pet Stop, Dog Watch, Dog Guard, Doglok – offering financing for your out-of-site pet fence company will empower you to better serve new customers and, in turn, grow your sales, revenue, and profits. Reach out today and partner with UCFS to offer real-world financing solutions that work.