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Become a Merchant

The UCFS Merchant Program

The UCFS Merchant Program helps businesses sell more and grow their business by making products and services affordable to consumers with low monthly payments over a set period of time! When sellers offer low monthly payments, consumers make their purchase without cutting into daily living expenses.

Perhaps your existing finance company no longer provides the service and capital you need to grow your business? Becoming a client of UCFS is not just a smart business decision; it’s incredibly easy. We have over 40 years of experience in consumer financing. Our mission is to help our business partners succeed – because only then will UCFS succeed.

UCFS retains a small fee when a business is paid for funded contracts, usually paid within 1-2 days of the contract signing or service fulfillment. The retained small fee is based on consumer credit worthiness. The better the credit worthiness, the higher the payment to the merchant. Less risk for UCFS because the consumer will make all their repayments – the higher the merchant payment.

Programs can be with a Standard Discount (fee), with tiered fees based on consumer credit quality and other factors, or a Reserve Program when a fund holding account is established and the business shares in the risk of consumer repayment.

If you want to increase sales by adding low monthly payment to your offering – you’ve come to the right place!

To talk about becoming a UCFS business partner, complete this form or call us at 877-373-3482.
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