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Our Story

For over 40 years, United Consumer Financial Service (UCFS) has provided financing solutions to thousands of businesses and serviced more than four million satisfied consumers. UCFS provides financing services to distributors, merchants, medical equipment and medical services providers, retailers and professional service organizations, financing purchases to consumers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the United Kingdom.

We believe that business success is best achieved by building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. We have built our business upon a foundation of ethical values that closely parallels our parent company, Berkshire Hathaway. These values are guided by three simple, yet powerful words:

INTEGRITY – being honest and always considering the moral implications of each and every business decision we make.

RESPONSIBILITY – taking accountability for the decisions we make, as well as recognizing when corrective action is necessary.

RESPECT – treating others fairly and with dignity at all times.

Our commitment to treating each and every customer we encounter justly and with respect has been the key to our success. Making responsible business decisions helps us to ensure each of our business relationships remain mutually beneficial, fostering sustainable growth for both UCFS and its customers.

Our four decades of experience uniquely position us to provide extremely competitive contracts that can be customized to your exact requirements.

Today, UCFS is a team of professionals based out of Cleveland, Ohio.