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Challenges Facing Pet Sales Companies in 2024

More than ever, pet sales companies are positioned to sell to an eager audience. But before you can make the sale, you need to be aware of the challenges facing the pet sales market in 2024.

Read on as we explore the challenges and obstacles pet sales companies must overcome to succeed.

Engaging Audiences in an Omnichannel Market

The state of retail, including pet sales companies, has shifted from a primarily in-person experience to the opposite. In an omnichannel market, pet sales companies must understand how to engage audiences across multiple channels and platforms.

Succeeding in pet sales requires businesses to create a marketing strategy that meets shoppers where they are. That means you must be present on your site, socials, and third-party retailers, if applicable.

Your target consumer isn’t shopping in-store only. Therefore, pet sales companies must engage audiences everywhere they shop, creating a consistent experience at every consumer touchpoint.

Creating a One-Stop Shop

The digital shelf has ushered in a new era of retail wherein customers expect –– and demand –– ultimate convenience. As a result, pet sales companies must compete with big box pet stores that provide an all-in-one shopping experience.

Consumers will shop where they can get everything they need in one place. Therefore, pet retailers and pet sales companies must create a one-stop shop to provide all customers with what they’re looking for. If they don’t, pet owners and those shopping for new puppies will shop elsewhere.

Differentiation from the Competition

Thanks to online retail, consumers have unfettered access to pet sales companies just like yours. However, differentiating yourself from your competition presents significant challenges to retailers trying to succeed in the market.

What makes your company the best choice for the consumer? What do you offer that other retailers or brands don’t? What makes you worth buying from?

Shoppers want more than the promise of excellent customer service. And if they can get the same products from your competition, what should compel them to shop with you?

Your customers are asking these questions. You need to answer them. Then, set yourself apart from other pet sales companies you compete with. Brand and business differentiation will draw shoppers to you, engage them, and, ultimately, compel them to buy.

Connecting with the Target Customer

Pet brands know their target customer, but connecting with them can be challenging. People in the market for pets and supplies have high expectations from retailers like you. To connect with shoppers, you need to understand what they want regarding product and customer experience and how you can deliver on both fronts.

Understanding your audience’s pain points helps you to facilitate engagement with your brand and products. Consumer research enables you to know your target consumer better and preemptively meet needs, answer questions, and provide the customer experience that keeps them returning to you for future purchases.

Once you know what your customers want (and need), you can create content that increases your discoverability and visibility while providing value to shoppers. For example, blog posts, videos, targeted email campaigns, and other forms of content facilitate touchpoints with shoppers that foster positive relationships and brand affinity. 

Consumer Demand for Alternative Forms of Payment

Shoppers across all retail spaces want alternative payment methods, particularly for big-ticket purchases. As a result, plastic is losing its appeal, especially among buyers who want to replace the pain points of credit cards with purpose-driven financing.

Integrating low monthly payments early and frequently in the selling and marketing process gives shoppers the confidence that they can more easily afford your products by making an equal number of low monthly payments for perhaps 24 or 36 months. Highlighting financing options is especially effective in digital retail spaces. In an era where customers can compare retailers and brands with just a click, pet sales companies must take every advantage to gain a competitive edge. Financing options increase affordability and allow shoppers to purchase the things they want while maintaining their planned budgets.

And with installment loan options, customers can add to their cart or upgrade their purchases. With lump sum costs divided into low monthly payments, shoppers have greater purchasing power and access to the items or new puppies they want.

Sell More in 2024 with UCFS

The pet sales market is competitive. With consumer demand for pets, specialty items, accessories, and more at an all-time high, the opportunities for success in pet retail are limitless. However, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, you must go above and beyond to engage customers, earn their loyalties, and win the sale. UCFS gets you there.

Here’s a testimonial from a UCFS client who has seen the benefit of early integration of installment financing within the selling process:

The Pet Industry is built on the emotion of the moment. Customers fall in love with their new furry friend and it’s critical that we do everything possible to facilitate the sale on the spot. That’s why we lead with point-of-sale consumer financing as a standard part of our sales process.

When quoting a purchase price of $1,000 or more, our opening statement is always to provide the monthly payment first and the total purchase price second. This win-win approach has resulted in 35% of my customers relying on financing to take home the newest addition to their family immediately.

UCFS has been serving retailers like yours for decades. Our team anticipates your needs –– and those of your customer –– to deliver a seamless checkout experience. Give your teams and your customers the tools they need today.

Reach out to learn how UCFS can support your pet sales company as you seek to grow, sell, and win your market in 2024.