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Choosing the Best Consumer Financing Company for Your Pet Board-and-Train Program

Your board and train business transforms lives. Pet parents come to you hopeful, excited, and sometimes exasperated, looking for expert solutions. You want to ensure your services are affordable and accessible to as many clients as possible.

Consumer financing options allow pet owners to benefit from your expertise with payment options that work for their budgets. Choosing the right financing partner is central to implementing a program that serves your clients and benefits your business.

Read on to learn what to look for when choosing a consumer financing company for your pet board and train company.

 Straightforward Application and Prompt Approval Notice

Sending a pet to live with a new person, even for the good of everyone in the home, is daunting. Dogs are family, and committing to a board and train service requires significant emotional and financial commitment. Choosing the right consumer financing partner helps ease the weight of this decision and empowers your clients to choose the best training option for their pets.

As you consider consumer financing programs, look for a firm that makes the process simple for your clients. The application should be straightforward, and the firm should offer a prompt notice of approval so you can move the customer to make their purchase at the time of their first meeting with you.

Cumbersome paperwork and a lengthy review process add more obstacles to receiving board and train services. The more roadblocks to purchase, the more likely your potential clients will not move forward with pet training. Efficient, easy customer application and approval reduces friction in the purchase process, streamlining the sale so you can begin training.

High Approval Rates that Make Boarding and Training Accessible

Everyone wants a well-behaved dog, but sometimes pets need extra training support. Board-and-train programs allow for the in-house, one-on-one intentionality dogs need to be their best. Intensive services like these require near-constant love, care, and expertise from trainers, making them a high-value investment for pet parents.

Unfortunately, not-ideal credit or a lack of lump sum cash prevents many pet owners from seeking your services. Many individuals don’t consider board-and-train stays an option for their dog because of the lack of flexible payment options. But when you choose a financing partner with high approval rates, you make your services accessible to clients desperate for help with their dogs—even to those who might not qualify for traditional loans or a credit card.

United Consumer Financing boasts high approval rates, which means partnering with us helps you serve more clients. We aim to finance as many of your clients as possible, so you don’t have to turn pet parents away because of bad or no credit. You must know UCFS doesn’t make money unless we help our business customers service more consumers.

Simple, Stress-Free Payment Options that Serve the Customer

Board and train services restore peace and reduce stress in your clients’ homes. Your consumer financing partner should do the same.

Consumer financing with United Consumer Financial Services (UCFS) means your customers have low monthly payments for a set period of time. UCFS contracts have a set APR and set number of months, typically 24, 36 or 48 months. These low dollar amounts usually don’t impact a family’s monthly spending and the APR is almost always lower than credit card rates. Our autopay options allow your clients to set payment schedules that take the stress out of loan repayment. Autopay helps them to not miss a payment.

Simple, stress-free payment plans help you deliver an exceptional customer experience and maintain positive relationships. Your financing partnership directly affects client perception of your brand. Choose a consumer financing firm that provides the services your clients need for effortless payment.

Transparent Fee Structure

No one likes surprise costs. Many consumer financing firms pick and choose which information to provide at contract signing, then add additional fees once you’ve committed. These practices cost you money and indicate that these firms don’t prioritize honesty and integrity.

Your financing firm must be transparent about its fee structure and costs. This is crucial for your business and its bottom line, as well as for your customers and what they can expect with their loan.

When your clients commit to a payment plan for board and train services, they expect consistency through the repayment period. UCFS does not charge add-on fees, closing fees or application fees for consumers contracting with pet board and train service providers. UCFS does not charge the business a registration fee, setup fees, or monthly fees. UCFS withholds a small percentage of the financed amount from the company for the service fee.

Choosing a firm that is transparent at every juncture of K9 training ensures a positive consumer financing experience for you and your clients.

Financing Expertise that Eliminates the Burdens of In-House Programs

Maybe you’ve read this far and think implementing an in-house financing program is the best option for you. Many board and train businesses choose this route only to be met with frustration, time and money loss, and difficulty balancing the financing program and other aspects of their business.  Some businesses have difficulty collecting from their customers months after the pet has been returned to the family.

Partnering with a consumer financing firm gives you access to specialized expertise and releases you from the burden of handling the financing yourself. In-house financing requires time setting up plans and collecting payment, keeping up with legal regulations and remaining compliant, and managing the costs of tackling financing yourself (software, overhead, and the potential costs of hiring part-time help).

United Consumer Financial Services handles your board and train financing program, so you don’t have to. Application, approval, and payment plans: our team takes care of the nuances of financing so you can focus all your time, energy, and attention on training. And, your business is paid in 1-2 days after the contract is signed and handles consumer repayment collection for the life of the loan.

Increase Sales and Happy Customers with Financing Options from UCFS

Choosing a board-and-train service is a huge decision for pet parents. While the right consumer financing program won’t remove the sting of missing the family pet, it can make the process more affordable and accessible.

UCFS delivers on all the “must-haves” for your board and trains consumer financing partners. We’ve spent the last four decades crafting our financing services to cater to your business’s and clients’ needs.

Adding consumer financing to your board and train company is an excellent way to make your services affordable and accessible and can increase sales. When you’re ready to take the next steps, contact our friendly team. One of our consumer financing experts will walk you through the process and explain how offering consumer financing can help you grow your board and train your business from day one.