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How To Offer Customer Financing for Your Water Filtration Company

You might think you’ve taken all the necessary steps to build up the client base for your water filtration company. You’ve run plenty of ads, you have quality products and services, and the calls coming in prove that what you’re doing is working. However, if you are not offering financing, you are missing out on an entire population of consumers who would love to buy your products, but can’t afford them outright. If this thought bothers you, it’s time to take the plunge.=

Financing Could Be The Deciding Factor

Even if you have the best whole-home water purification system out there, not every consumer that wants it will be able to pay for it entirely upfront. They could save the money up and pay for it later, but if they’re facing an urgent health situation or their current system is broken, they don’t have the option to wait. And they’re going to choose the company that gives them a variety of payment methods so they can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Credit Cards Won’t Close The Gap

Most of the time, the initial cost of a water filtration system is too high to recommend a credit card as a payment method. The price of water filtration services often exceeds credit card limits and, even if it doesn’t, the high-interest rates on cards would make the purchase far more expensive in the end. This means that consumer financing options are one of the key considerations your customers will weigh before making the decision to choose you for their needs.

What Consumers Look For

When comparing your products and your financing options with your competitors’, consumers will of course consider the interest rates available.

They’ll also be wary of any additional fees, which some financing services charge upfront. UCFS does not charge any upfront fees, so consumers have no reason to hesitate and no surprise costs when they make a decision.

Finally, consumers want convenience. They want to be approved quickly and they want to be able to make future payments easier. That’s why, at UCFS, it only takes a few short minutes for consumers to be approved for financing. They then have the option to make payments online or even set up autopay. These advantages can help you satisfy more consumers who want and need your water filtration system.

Considerations For Your Business

As with any new endeavor, it’s a good idea to do the proper research before you dive in and choose a consumer financing company. Consider the cost to you, as a merchant, and the level of effort required weighed against the quality of customer service you’ll receive. For the most security and simplicity, you should choose a reputable consumer financing company that will make your life easier with reliable customer service.

See What UCFS Can Do For You

Let our dedicated and seasoned team of professionals find the perfect water filtration financing program for your needs. With competitive rates, customizable program options, and outstanding customer service, we can make offering financing easy and effective. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your water filtration company the best that it can be.