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Low Monthly Payments for a Happy Christmas!

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The Situation

Every year, Paula and Tim Smith of Long Island, New York, have their three children write out Christmas lists. For several years, Jami, their 9-year-old daughter wrote ‘puppy.’ Paula said, “Each year we told Jami, ‘Santa can’t bring anything alive on his sleigh!’ But the year before, Santa brought a puppy to Jami’s friend!”

Jami said, “Mommy, Santa can bring a puppy on his sleigh. And, you said if I was a good girl, I could have a puppy! Aren’t I a good girl?”

Paula remembers, “Of course she was a good girl, and definitely deserved a puppy for Christmas. This particular year, Jami was more specific – she wrote ‘Beagle puppy.’” Without an excuse, the Smiths decided this was the year. Paula started researching puppies, learning you just can’t get a Beagle at a rescue.

When Paula was Christmas shopping at the mall, she stopped at the pet store, and there in the first window was the cutest Beagle puppy she ever saw!

The Solution

“I remember thinking – we don’t have $1,500 right now. Looking at the store posters advertising financing, the salesperson and I talked about that payment option. I filled out an online credit application, and in a couple of minutes, I was approved. We made a $500 deposit and the payments were $46.06 per month for three years. That we could swing!”

The Results

Jamie Case StudyPaula and Tim planned out the surprise. On Christmas Eve morning, Tim drove with Jami and their other child to Paula’s parents’ home in upstate New York for their holiday vacation. Paula and her older daughter picked up the puppy, finalizing the purchase and financing contract, and took the Beagle with them.

Paula and her older daughter arrived in upstate New York early Christmas Eve. They snuck onto the front porch, placed the puppy in a big red basket with a note from Santa, and entered the house through the back door. Soon after, Tim hollered to the family, pretending to find the puppy on the front porch.

Paula said, “Jami was thrilled! She just could not believe Santa knew where she was and that she received the Beagle puppy she wanted! We’re so grateful for UCFS monthly payments. Without financing, we might not have seen Jami’s smiling face on that Christmas Eve.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocence of Christmas!