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Tips For Finding an Above-Ground Pool Financing Provider for Your Business

For many homeowners, a pool is the capstone addition to their property. Above-ground pools provide relaxation throughout the summer months and year-round in southern states. They make entertaining simple and fun. But for many, pool ownership can’t be a reality without financing options.

As an above-ground pool company, you can ensure your customers have access to professional, reliable financing solutions so they can install the pool they’re dreaming of. This article gives you tips for finding a financing provider for your above-ground pool business.

Look for Fast Approval Notices

Installing an above-ground pool is a huge decision for most shoppers. Pools require a significant upfront investment. Even when customers are in-store, presumably ready to make a purchase, the initial cost of a pool can be enough to give them cold feet. But offering above-ground pool financing through United Consumer Financial Services can change that narrative.

Everyone in sales knows the importance of capitalizing on the shopper’s energy and eagerness to buy. The high price of pools can quell that excitement. Unless that is, shoppers are presented with an appealing financing option with prompt approval notice.

UCFS makes applying for above-ground pool financing simple for your customers. Shoppers or your sales staff complete the credit application, and the credit app decision takes just a couple of minutes. This quick turnaround allows you to maintain the momentum of your sale and show your customers just how attainable pool ownership can be. Instead of seeing the lump sum price of their pool, your customers will see the dollar amount of their low monthly payment plan. This mindset shift gives them the confidence to buy –– and maybe even upgrade their pool purchase.

Fast approval notices are essential for high-value sales like pools. If you can show shoppers their low monthly payments through financing from UCFS, they feel more comfortable making their purchases and are more likely to shop with you.

Financing Fee Structure

As you shop around for financing providers for your above-ground pool business, you want to work with a firm that prioritizes your business needs. At UCFS, we know that every cent counts when running your business. And when choosing your financing provider, you want to partner with a company that delivers the resources and services you need without hidden fees.

At UCFS, we provide above-ground pool financing with no merchant registration fees, no set-up fees, and no monthly fees. Our fee structure empowers our clients to reinvest their financial resources back into their business instead of delegating profits to recurring fees.

As a business owner, every decision you make affects both your company and your clients. When choosing your above-ground pool financing provider, carefully evaluate their fee structure to ensure you’re getting the services you want and need without the hassle of surprise fees.

Whole-Project Funding

When considering pool financing providers, you want to choose a firm that acts as a one-stop-shop for your consumer financing. United Consumer Financial Services offers whole-project funding for your customers’ above-ground pool projects.

Offering third-party financing is a smart decision for your pool company. Because above-ground pools are highly valuable, big-ticket items, your customers likely won’t be making their purchases in cash. They come to you looking for pool solutions. They’re in the market for the products you offer. But for them to move toward a favorable purchase decision, they must have the ability to make their payment.

Consumer financing from UCFS allows your customers to choose the above-ground pools they want at a price point that works for them. You can break up a large lump sum pool cost through pool financing into affordable, scheduled payments that your customers can easily make. Financing options allow potential pool owners to confidently make their purchase with the knowledge that they can pay for their above-ground pool over time while enjoying it today. UCFS provides financing options that fund the whole project, so your customers don’t have to look to additional loan options to get the above-ground pool they want.

Pool financing services from UCFS empower your customers to choose the pool setup they want, even if they don’t have access to a credit card. Consumer financing is a simple way for your customers to have the fun summer they’re dreaming of with a pool that they can have installed quickly using affordable monthly payments.

Financing Built for You and Your Customers

As an above-ground pool company, you know the specific needs of your customer base. They need and want the payment flexibility that installment loans provide. You want to provide them with financing support through the life of their loan. And you want to work with a firm that meets these needs.

UCFS has been providing consumer financing to our clients for decades. Over that time, we have helped businesses like yours provide financing that empowers shoppers and gives them the confidence to make their purchases. Our experience allows us to preemptively address and meet the needs of your above-ground pool business as well as the needs of your clientele. Our helpful customer service team is here to answer any questions you or your customers might have along the way.

We know that the financing provider you choose directly reflects on your business. And we know you don’t make this decision lightly.

UCFS provides above-ground pool financing that serves your business and your customers, so you can maintain a positive relationship with your shoppers while growing your company.


Choosing the right pool financing provider empowers you to increase your sales, boost customer satisfaction and retention, and allows you to make use of consistent cash flow. Partner with UCFS for your above-ground pool financing solutions, and you’ll reap all these benefits, plus more.

Contact our team today to learn how UCFS’s pool financing serves your business and customers.