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How Home Cleaning System Financing Benefits Your Customers

Picking up the dirt and dust of everyday life is only one of the benefits cleaning systems offer to consumers. Even so, many consumers can’t afford to pay for your top-quality system outright, no matter how much they would like to. Offering cleaning system financing will not only increase your customer base but also allow these consumers to reap the benefits of a clean, healthy home — and ultimately save money.

1. Deeper Cleaning Reduces The Need For Professionals

Having high-quality cleaning equipment means that consumers don’t have to pay for professional cleaning services as often. Instead, they can easily and regularly deep clean their furniture, drapery, carpet, and other floorings to keep their environment free of allergens and looking like new. The need for professional cleaning would be reduced to once a year at most, saving the consumer money.

2. Reduces Premature Carpet, Flooring and Upholstery Replacement

The life expectancy of carpets is generally around seven years. Without the proper equipment to take care of them, that expectancy is greatly reduced. Deep-set stains can damage subfloors, and even the daily dust and dirt tracked in on shoes can cause abrasions in the carpet fibers. This will not only make the carpet lose its soft, fluffy texture but can also damage the structure of the floor.

The wear and tear of daily life can have similarly damaging — and expensive — effects on other types of flooring and even furniture.

A premium cleaning system makes it easy to clean carpet and other surfaces regularly — and more effectively. By fighting abrasive dirt and dust and removing stains, it can help extend the life of the consumer’s investment and save them money over time.

3. Reduces Household Allergens

It’s estimated that 40 million Americans suffer from indoor allergies. Combating allergy symptoms by maintaining a clean environment is impossible without the proper cleaning systems.

Having access to a powerful vacuum cleaner or multi-purpose cleaning system will help reduce dust mites, pet dander, mold, mildew, and even pollen that came in from the front yard. For even those with mild allergies, that can mean increased comfort and a reduced need for medicine. For those with severe allergies and/or asthma, it can significantly improve the quality of life and the cost of medical care.

Offer The Cleaning System Financing That’s Right For You And Your Customers

To ensure that consumers can have access to healthy, dust-free lives, partner with UCFS to offer cleaning system financing. Let our seasoned team of professionals pick the perfect cleaning system financing program for your needs.

We make offering financing for your customers easy and effective with customizable program options, competitive rates, and outstanding customer service. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your cleaning system company grow.