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How to Choose the Best Consumer Financing Company for Your Vet Clinic

When pets get sick or injured, their owners want to ensure that they’re cared for and return to complete health and happiness as soon as possible. Unfortunately, quality pet medical care comes at a cost that can feel insurmountable for many individuals. Consumer financing options make vital treatments, tests, and procedures accessible.

As a veterinarian, you want to ensure your clients have flexible and affordable payment options so they never have to say no to give their pets the care they deserve. This article from United Consumer Financial Services provides helpful insights on how to choose the best consumer financing company for your vet clinic. Read on to learn more.

Why Partnering with a Financing Firm is Essential for Vet Clinics

For most people, pets are like family. According to The Pew Research Center, 51 percent of pet owners consider their pets as much a member of their families as a child or partner. When medical issues arise for furry family members, pet owners will do whatever it takes to ensure their animals get the quality care they need.

However, as with any medical care, veterinary services can be costly, especially emergency services or specialized procedures. When the unthinkable happens, and pet parents must bring their dogs or cats to your clinic, the “how to” of bill payment is always a question. For many individuals, income and budget restrictions prevent them from bringing their pets in, even when the need is urgent.

Recent research from Synchrony found that an unexpected cost of $250 or less causes financial strain for one out of every four pet owners. And when even basic pet care can run upwards of $1,000 yearly, pet owners are put in the difficult position of choosing to forego veterinary services simply because they don’t have the resources to cover the cost.

Veterinary offices can alleviate some of the stress of pet medical care by providing consumer financing. Partnering with a financing firm empowers vet clinics to increase accessibility for pet parents who need affordable, realistic payment options that fit their budgets.

Consumer financing options for your vet services remove financial obstacles preventing pet owners from seeking desperately needed care for their pets. Read on as we explore how to ensure you’re choosing consumer financing that serves your vet clinic and the people whose pets you care for.

How to Choose the Right Consumer Financing Company for Your Veterinary Clinic

Financing solutions aren’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. The firm you partner with significantly influences the quality of services you provide to your clients. A positive experience with the financing process influences their overall experience with your clinic.

Below are a few tips on choosing the right consumer financing company for your vet clinic.  

Choose a Company with a Simple Application Process and Quick Approval

No one should ever have to decline medical care for their pet because of financial obstacles. When decisions must be made in a time crunch, pet owners need to know they can say “yes” to your services. That’s why you must choose a consumer financing company with a straightforward application and approval process.

UCFS makes applying for financing simple and approachable with prompt notice of approval. Your staff can enter the customer’s credit application online, or they can enter it themselves. In just a few minutes, UCFS sends a notice of approval. Once approved for financing, your client can eSign the contract right from their phone.

The application and approval can be completed in just a few minutes. Then, you can begin administering services and care. With UCFS, there are no surprise fees for your clinic, there is a set APR for customers, no matter their credit quality, and UCFS has a strong commitment to transparency.

Don’t ask your clients to postpone care for their pets because your financing firm’s application is long and arduous. Partnering with UCFS ensures a speedy process that supports positive outcomes for those you serve.

When financing is straightforward and notice of approval comes quickly, you make your vet services more accessible to the people –– and pets –– who need them.

Choose a Company That Expands Your Reach

When a pet owner comes to your clinic, they’re trusting you with more than an animal; they’re putting their family into your hands. No one wants to ask a worried pet owner to withhold care due to budget constraints, especially in urgent or emergency situations

Medical bills for pet care are often unmanageable and impossible for many. If an individual doesn’t have a credit card or enough cash or savings to pay the costs, medical care for their pets is off the table. But when you partner with an inclusive financing firm, you open the door to providing affordable options to your clients.

High approval rates mean you don’t have to say no to someone coming to you in their most desperate moments. Make care accessible by choosing a financing firm with approval rates that allow you to serve the greatest number of clients possible and solutions that expand your customer base.

Choose a Company that Puts Your Clinic First – and Don’t Handle Financing Yourself

Your vet clinic exists to serve your clients and provide quality care to their pets. At the same time, your clinic is your business, and you must make decisions that support the day-to-day operations of your clinic while positioning yourself for sustainable growth.

Cash flow is a significant factor in the health of your veterinary clinic. Positive cash flow means you have financial resources immediately at your disposal that allow you to pay bills, purchase new equipment, invest in your staff, and more. When considering potential financing company partnerships, you want a firm that delivers prompt payment so your vet clinic can reap the benefits of positive cash flow.

United Consumer Financial Services provides quick repayment to your clinic, typically one to two days after you’ve completed your services or care. Partnering with UCFS means almost no lapse in cash flow, empowering you to use your earned resources how and when you need.

In addition to receiving prompt payments, outsourcing to UCFS reduces overhead costs and frees up time and resources associated with in-house financing. Running and managing your veterinary clinic is a demanding endeavor. Partnering with the team at UCFS eliminates the energy, stress, and money required for your team to handle financing themselves. And if you ever have questions, our Cleveland, Ohio-based customer support team is here to help.

Financing allows you to better serve and cater to your clients. You want to choose a financing firm that treats you the same way. UCFS puts your clinic first, providing the services, solutions, and support you need to implement a robust financing program that delivers results, by being able to care for more pets.

Choose a Company with Competitive Consumer Programs

Your customers need services quickly. A large lump sum payment, broken into smaller dollar amounts will for sure be another reason to choose your veterinary clinic. Offering UCFS promotional pricing makes it even more attractive for families to choose financing.

UCFS offers 90-days, 180-days and 12-months same as cash options, so consumer can choose financing, and pay no interest for their service or purchase. Using UCFS for your consumer financing, you enable pet families to make a faster decision to help their furry family member through a medical situation, and then pay off their loan over time. And when paid off in the promotional time frame, they do not pay interest on that loan.

Financing Built for Your Veterinary Clinic

UCFS has over four decades of experience serving and caring for businesses like yours. Choosing a consumer financing company for your vet clinic is a big task. We’re confident we have the talent, resources, and solutions you’re looking for to implement revenue-driving financing for your business.

Contact UCFS today to learn how our competitive programs can be customized to fit your unique needs and position your veterinary office for success.