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How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Offering Consumer Financing

Every business owner wants to grow their company. Establishing a competitive advantage allows you to build your business, expand your offerings, and dial into customer needs. Competitive advantages are the factors that incentivize shoppers to choose your business over another. Consumer financing remains one of the most effective methods of gaining these advantages and earning more business.

Offering consumer financing serves your customers, empowers you to grow, and sets you ahead of your competitors. In this article, we outline five ways to gain a competitive edge by offering consumer financing.

1. Advertise Your Financing Options

Customers want consumer financing. Financing allows them to upgrade, increase their purchase value, and do it all without jeopardizing their planned monthly spending. But in order for you to use consumer financing to your advantage, you must make shoppers aware that you provide these options. Advertise your consumer financing solutions to draw shoppers through your doors.

Consumer financing adds value to your business that appeals to shoppers of all demographics. The financing brings people to your store or site and gives them the confidence to shop big-ticket items, even if they don’t have a credit card.

United Consumer Financial Services provides consumer financing that serves your shoppers. The company boasts high approval percentages, and, in some cases, UCFS grants approval to people who have been turned down by other financing companies.

Advertising your consumer financing offerings will increase the number of customers you serve, which means you will make more sales, enabling you to grow your business.

2. Increase Affordability with Consumer Financing

All other things equal, price is the primary factor that determines who customers shop with. By offering consumer financing, you increase the affordability of your products, earning new business while increasing customer retention.

Many shoppers feel sticker shock when they see a large lump-sum price. Consumer financing allows you to present affordable monthly payments to your customers. Financing shows your clientele that they can afford the items they want without compromising their budget or having to walk away altogether.

Financing and the affordability it provides give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your market. Even if your competition offers similar products or services, the ability for customers to break up their payments incentivizes them to choose you over anyone else. By offering consumer financing, you give customers the power and confidence to buy what they want.

3. Provide Fast Notice of Approval

When a shopper comes to your store, visits your site, or seeks out your services, they don’t want to wait on acquiring a loan or gaining financing approval. Consumer financing from UCFS empowers shoppers to bring home their purchase on the same day they first walk into your store.

More than 45 million consumers will take advantage of consumer financing services this year. And when you partner with United Consumer Financial Services for financing solutions, your customers will enjoy a quick and simple application process. Shoppers simply apply for financing on UCFS’s site, and in just minutes, they’ll receive a notice of approval. That means they’re able to confidently purchase your goods with affordable monthly payments.

Shoppers want financing to be fast. By offering quick approval speeds, you give yourself a competitive advantage over your competition.

4. Prioritize Customer Service

When shoppers come to you for your products, they want to know you’re going to take care of them beyond the transaction. Acquiring new customers as well as customer retention are directly affected by the kind of customer service your business provides. While you do everything you can to ensure your customers are cared for, remember to choose a financing firm that will do the same.

The customer care team at United Consumer Financial Services provides U.S.-based customer support to your patrons. The support team delivers solutions to your customers’ issues in a timely, kind manner that not only helps them with their financing questions, but it shows them you care. Choosing a financing firm with a high value on customer care shows shoppers that you value them after they complete their purchase; you want them to have a great experience for the duration of your relationship.

Prioritizing customer service in your consumer financing solutions proves you care. And when customers feel cared for, they’ll shop with you again and again, and they’ll encourage their friends to do the same.

5. Free Yourself Up to Grow Your Business

At UCFS, we know that your top priority is your business. That’s why we make your business’s consumer financing our top priority. For over 40 years, UCFS has brought quality service and financing options to merchants and independent distributors. We provide you with financing expertise and service, freeing you up to pour more energy into growing your business.

Some businesses choose to handle all of their financing in-house. When they make that choice, they must shoulder hours of work each week with client communication, payments, and collections. In many cases, the workload requires hiring an employee, resulting in expenses like payroll and benefits. But choosing UCFS as your financing firm eliminates the need for extra work and additional employees. When you partner with UCFS for your customer financing, our team will support you every step of the way, saving you time and money.


Establishing your competitive advantages starts with offering consumer financing. Financing solutions make you more accessible and appealing to shoppers. When you provide financing solutions, you edge out your competition, serve your customer base, and build your business all at once.

When you’re ready to provide simple, effective financing solutions, contact the team at United Consumer Financial Services. We put decades of experience to work for you, providing consumer financing that works for both you and your customers.