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Ideas For Growing Your LASIK Surgery Practice in 2022

Market research values the LASIK and laser vision correction industry at roughly $5.2 million. By 2027, that number is expected to reach upwards of $8.8 million. These statistics show that there’s a big market for LASIK. But as a provider, what are the best ways to serve as many patients as possible? In this article, we explore the ways providers can take advantage of the growing demand for LASIK surgery to expand their businesses.

1. Publish Informative Content

Though LASIK surgery is no new phenomenon, many people still have hesitations and misconceptions surrounding the procedure. One of the best ways to dispel patients’ fear over LASIK is through education.

Publishing informative, educational, and easy-to-digest content about LASIK surgery provides multiple benefits to your business. Firstly, you present yourself as an authority on the topic. When potential patients visit your site, you can give them helpful information that details what LASIK is and how it’s done. Publishing a medical blog on your site will ease the fears of possible patients as they learn the truths—and myths—about LASIK surgery. As you consistently present scientific yet accessible information, you show patients that you have a thorough, up-to-date understanding of LASIK.

Additionally, publishing LASIK-focused content boosts your Search Engine Optimization. As you post blogs, people searching for information on LASIK surgery are more likely to come across your site in the search results. When you publish helpful content, you get noticed, and people looking for LASIK providers come to your site to read what you’ve written. 

2. Focus on Local SEO

SEO is crucial for the growth of any business. And if you’re running a local LASIK surgery center, your local SEO will prove to be one of the most effective methods of gaining new patients. Local SEO targets internet searchers in your area who are looking for the types of services you offer.

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that puts your business’s site in front of people who are likely to take advantage of your services. And while there are many aspects of a professional SEO strategy, you can begin with these steps:

  • Claim Your Google My Business Page – Your Google My Business page allows you to connect with potential patients. It acts as an online listing where you can include location, hours, and anything else that makes your LASIK center appealing to patients.
  • Conduct Local Keyword Research – Find out what people in your area are searching for when they’re looking at LASIK services. When you optimize your keywords for your immediate audience, you have a good chance of showing up in their internet searches.
  • Hire a Digital Marketing Agency – The easiest and most effective way to boost your local SEO is by hiring a professional to manage your SEO strategy for you. Digital marketers know how to research your audience and craft your site to get you the traffic you want. And the more people who come to your site, the more patients you’ll have in your office.

3. Connect Through Social Media

LASIK surgery businesses have the opportunity to connect with current and future patients more intimately than ever before. Social media allows patients to get an insider’s perspective of your LASIK center. People want to see the faces behind the masks and scrubs, and through Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms, you let them inside your world.

Social media also allows you to answer questions and chat directly with potential patients. When you engage on social media with patients or those curious about your LASIK business, you’re essentially providing instant customer service and support. And these social media connections can be great for growing your business! Seventy-five percent of people will post something positive about your business if you create a meaningful engagement with them via social media. If they have a positive experience with you on socials, seventy-one percent are likely to recommend you to others.

Social media gives you access to patients like never before—and vice versa. When you have a consistent presence on these platforms, you’re able to build your business’s brand and reach new patients on a personal level.

4. Ask Patients to Review Your Business

There are few things that boost your marketing efforts like a positive customer review. Asking patients to leave reviews of your business, responding to reviews, and then posting those good reviews on your social media gives credibility to your LASIK business. Nearly 70 percent of customers are influenced by online reviews. That means a great review could encourage a new patient to come to you for a consultation and then book their LASIK procedure. Having good reviews facilitates positive talk about your LASIK services. And when you respond to reviews, it shows your office cares about what patients have to say. When patients feel cared for, they’re happy to share, which helps you grow your business.

5. Offer 2nd-Look Consumer Financing

As a LASIK provider, your goal is to serve as many patients as possible. Unfortunately, many people don’t qualify for your primary financing partner program. By offering consumer financing from UCFS, you open up opportunities for more patients to proceed with LASIK instead of postponing LASIK – or not get it at all.

When choosing a 2nd-look consumer financing firm, it’s important to choose a company that offers high approval percentages for patients who don’t have optimum credit quality. Plus, you want to make sure online credit applications are approved fast, eContracts executed in a snap, and that the company is highly qualified to serve you. United Consumer Financial Services offers all of this with personal, knowledgeable U.S.-based (Cleveland, Ohio) underwriters and clients service that you can count on, 7-days a week, from 8am – 1am ET on weekdays. We typically answer our phones by the third ring!

UCFS specializes in consumer financing. The program has no registration fees, no set-up fees, no per-contract costs. They offer fixed, low monthly payments so patients can have access to this truly life-changing procedure. UCFS takes care of all patient repayments, which saves your business resources, allowing you to focus on patient care. Consumer financing enables everyone to have access to LASIK. When you work with UCFS, you’re able to give the gift of clear vision to more patients than ever before.


The LASIK industry is growing, and the market is on track for rapid expansion in the next ten years. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to implement strategies to help your LASIK business grow. Our five tips will have you well on your way to expanding your clinic so you can provide improved sight and improved quality of life to as many patients as possible!