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How to Market LASIK Surgery in a Highly Competitive Market

The LASIK surgery market is hot. Demand is high, and so is the competition. So how can you stand out to effectively market your LASIK practice? This article provides five effective LASIK surgery marketing methods you can implement starting now.

Engage with Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your LASIK surgery practice. LASIK requires a significant physical and financial commitment, and potential patients spend hours researching the procedure and practices where they can receive treatment.

At the basic level, content marketing provides your audience with the information they’re looking for when they search online for the solutions you provide. For your LASIK practice, content marketing can take a few forms:


Publishing consistently on your website puts your practice in front of the individuals searching for LASIK information online. A blog allows you to create helpful content that answers questions and provides detailed information. In addition, a blog is ideal for delivering long-form content to educate potential patients on LASIK surgery.

Video Content

Video is perhaps the most engaging content for businesses and marketers, including LASIK practices and providers. In one study, 87 percent of respondents noted that video marketing yields a positive ROI, and 86 percent said that video is an effective lead-generation tool. Video can be short and simple yet still highly engaging.

You can use video to give potential patients an overview of LASIK, how to prepare, and what they can expect. In addition, video content allows you to introduce providers and staff, fostering a connection with patients before they ever walk through your doors.


When patients are researching LASIK and your practice, they want data they can consume quickly and easily. Infographics allow you to provide information in an attractive format that engages patients. In addition, this medium is ideal for clearly and concisely relaying information.

The visual aspect of infographics allows you to incorporate branding elements into your content, strengthening your practice’s identity and recognition among patients.

Make Scheduling Easy

Your patients want convenience in every aspect of their LASIK journey, including scheduling appointments.

Though LASIK has become a popular procedure, some patients still fear or hesitate about the surgery. By simplifying the scheduling process, you remove obstacles to booking appointments.

Incorporating an online scheduling tool on your site allows patients to schedule consultations easily and quickly without making a phone call. A simple, unintimidating scheduling process can prompt hesitant patients to book their initial appointment, helping you increase your patient load. Established patients will appreciate the ease and convenience of online scheduling.

Focus on the Patient Experience, not the Technical Aspects

LASIK surgery is an advanced method of eye correction. But unfortunately, the process is quite technical. And while potential patients will likely want to know how you perform the procedure, they’re more interested in patient outcomes than the technical workings of the surgery itself.

When marketing LASIK surgery, focus on the patient experience. Show interested individuals the life-changing effects of LASIK and how they, like your current and past patients, can benefit from your care.

If you want to weave in technological aspects of the surgery, explain how advancements have contributed to improved outcomes and experiences. According to a Harvard Medical School article, LASIK patient satisfaction has increased over the years to an impressive 98.7 percent.

Your patients want to know how this surgery will affect their lives. So tailor your marketing to address and answer those questions to incentivize individuals to learn more and make that initial appointment.

Publish and Monitor Reviews

The demand for LASIK surgery is high. The procedure is more commonplace, practical, and accessible than ever. And this high demand translates to a competitive market. So you must set yourself apart from your competition to bring in more patients and grow your practice.

Online reviews are a practical and effective way to market LASIK surgery to potential patients. According to a recent study, displaying positive customer reviews can increase your conversion rate by 270 percent. In addition, people are more likely to believe testimonials from your patients than claims your office makes –– even if both communicate the same message!

The same research found that reviews have a higher conversion impact for big-ticket items. LASIK surgery requires a significant financial commitment. Patients want to know they’re getting the most value for their investment, and reviews can give them honest insight into your practice and care. Positive reviews are an effective –– and free –– way to market LASIK surgery to potential patients.

Acquiring reviews is straightforward. After you’ve completed treatment for your patients, send them an email or text, including a link to leave a review. By sending the form directly to them, you remove steps in the review process, increasing the probability they’ll leave one.

Once you have a collection of positive testimonials, publish the best on your site. All reviews will appear in Google Search and on your Google Business Profile. You must monitor all online reviews of your LASIK practice. If a patient leaves a less-than-flattering review, respond and ask what you can do to make things right. Even if you cannot satisfy that patient, others reading your reviews will see that you care and want to prioritize a positive patient experience.

Make LASIK Affordable with Consumer Financing

For most LASIK surgery candidates, the procedure is life-changing. But it comes at a monetary cost to the patient. Because LASIK is an elective medical procedure, it’s not usually covered by insurance. And at a starting price of between $1,000 and $2,000 per eye, the surgery isn’t affordable for many individuals. No access to credit or a lack of cash on hand can prevent people from even considering LASIK surgery. But when you partner with a patient financing provider, you make LASIK accessible and affordable.

Patient financing through United Consumer Financial Services breaks down a LASIK lump sum payment into affordable monthly installments. After receiving their loan approval notice, your patients can proceed with treatment. They complete loan repayment to UCFS through the life of their loan, and your practice is paid directly just days after your patient signs their contract.

Consumer financing makes a clear vision a possibility for many individuals who can’t cover the upfront costs of LASIK. In addition, working with UCFS to provide financing empowers you to attract more patients, increase appointments, and perform more LASIK surgeries.

When patients know they can receive LASIK surgery and pay for it with simple, affordable installment loans, they’re more likely to come to you for care.


You want to do what it takes to compete in today’s LASIK surgery market. Effective marketing paired with the affordability provided by patient financing allows you to expand your practice and serve more patients than ever.

If you’re ready to explore the many benefits that patient financing can bring to your LASIK surgery practice, reach out to our team today.