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How to Sell More Exercise Equipment by Offering Home Gym Financing

The pandemic reshaped how we think about working out at home. Home gyms and exercise equipment have become staples in many households nationwide. And thanks to home gym financing, individuals have access to the equipment they want and need to build a fitness room in their home.

Making exercise equipment financially accessible is key to selling more of it. By offering home gym financing, you can increase your sales, and your clients can enjoy more equipment and better health.

This article shares how you can sell more exercise equipment by offering home gym financing.

Compare Pricing to a Gym Membership

A gym membership for an individual can cost as low as $10 per month to well over $100; those charges don’t include the initial membership fee. Roughly one-third of Americans pay for a gym membership, but seven percent go to the gym less than once a month. That means $1.3 billion is wasted yearly on unused gym memberships: a steep price to pay for equipment you’re never utilizing.

Home gyms provide individuals with the equipment they need right at home –– which increases the likelihood of using it. But for many, the cost of exercise equipment creates a barrier to purchase. By offering installment payment options to your customers through United Consumer Financial Services, you remove that barrier and pave the way for them to arrive at a positive purchase decision.

Many individuals assume that owning their exercise equipment is out of reach or too expensive. But when you compare the cost of home exercise equipment to that of a gym membership, your customers can save money by investing in their equipment. This is especially true for couples or parents who must purchase family memberships or pay for childcare at the gym.

Over time, you must continue to budget the cost of gym memberships –– especially as they continue to rise. But when your customers utilize consumer financing options, they lock in an affordable monthly payment through the life of their loan. And after they’ve completed all payments, they own the equipment outright. Instead of reupping for a gym membership year after year, your clients can complete payment in 6-36 months.

Emphasize the Convenience of a Home Gym

People have different reasons for not going to the gym even though they’re paying for membership monthly. For most individuals, getting to the gym requires an additional commute, or there’s simply not a convenient time. To ensure they’re getting in a workout, people need the gym to be as close and convenient as possible. That translates to most people needing and wanting exercise equipment in their home.

Financing a home gym allows your customers to work out when it’s best for them. They don’t have to consider an extra commute, nor must they remember to pack a change of clothes for work. With a home gym, people can work out while their kids are in the next room, then shower in their own home, and be on their way.

For your clients to benefit from the convenience of a home gym, they likely need financing options. If they don’t have a lump sum of cash or credit card to buy their equipment, they need accessible payment solutions. And even if they have cash-on-hand or a credit card, payment options give your customers the freedom to choose how to spend their resources and bring home the equipment they need.

By offering exercise equipment financing through UCFS, you empower your customers to create the home gym they want and can utilize when it’s most convenient for them.

Make Financing Easy and Accessible

Health and fitness should be accessible to everyone. A lack of on-hand cash shouldn’t prevent anyone from focusing on their health. And when you partner with UCFS for home gym financing, it won’t.

UCFS makes applying for financing fast and simple. With POS options, shoppers can apply in just minutes and receive their notice of approval shortly thereafter. A quick and easy financing application keeps customers engaged and excited while they shop for equipment. And as soon as they receive their notice of approval, they can make their purchase with the ease and affordability of installment payment plans.

Increase Upsells and Cross-sells

For individuals wanting the full home gym experience, they’re going to consider multiple pieces of equipment. No one wants to purchase a single dumbbell. Instead, those committed to home fitness will want the entire rack of weights. By offering consumer financing through UCFS, you empower your customer to bring home all the pieces they need for their home gym.

Financing options promote upsells and cross-sell for your exercise equipment company. UCFS’s financing options break down big-ticket costs into affordable installments. When your customers see the low dollar amount of their monthly payments, they realize they can upgrade their equipment or buy additional complementary pieces that they weren’t originally planning to purchase.

Upselling and cross-selling increases your average order value, which means you’re upping your revenue without incurring additional expenses. Because financing splits a big-ticket price into much smaller payments, customers feel incentivized to increase their cart size while maintaining the confidence that they can meet their monthly payments without interrupting their planned budgets.


Your customers want to work out from home with the best equipment they can afford. By offering home gym financing from UCFS, you make it possible for these aspirations to become reality.

Financing options empower your customers and allow you to sell more exercise equipment to increase revenue and profits and grow your business. Contact our team today to learn how financing from UCFS can help you move more gym equipment and, ultimately, reach your business goals.