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How to Sell More Home Generators

The whole-home generator market is growing faster than ever, with a global market value expected to increase by nearly 6 billion dollars from 2020 to 2030. Home generator retailers are selling to an eager audience with comfort, security, and safety driving their purchase decisions.

What does it take to win more sales and loyalty in this market? This article from United Consumer Financial Services explores how to sell more home generators starting now. Let’s jump in. 

Understand and Appeal to Seasonal Need

Unexpected power outages can occur at any time, with some regions and communities more susceptible to loss of electricity than others. Seasonal weather events increase demand for the reliable energy that whole-home generators provide.

For example, southern coastal states are at high risk for hurricane-related damages and outages. With hurricane season running from the beginning of June through November, homeowners could face episodes of power loss for half the year. Northern states face threats of power outages from snowstorms. Regions in the West have sanctioned rules for temporarily cutting off power during wildfire season to prevent power lines from sparking fires.

Understanding seasonal needs allows retailers and HVAC, plumbing, and electric service companies to adjust marketing efforts accordingly. Knowing your target audience empowers you to proactively provide the solutions they need before they find themselves without power.

Educate on Installation

For homeowners who have only used portable generators, the complexity and planning for permanent generator installation might come as a shock. Professional installation is essential for home generators. Show buyers that choosing you for the purchase and the installation is the wisest and safest (least stressful) option for them.

Whole-home generator businesses should approach installation with two priorities: educate the buyer and outprice the competitor.

Installing a permanent generator requires expertise to execute the following components:

  • Pouring a slab the appropriate distance from the dwelling
  • Securing the generator to the slab
  • Plumbing a natural gas line to the generator
  • Running a voltage cable to the generator
  • Testing to ensure proper installation

Each step is critical to ensuring a safe, effective installation that allows the generator to work when needed most. Offering all-inclusive installation services is an easy choice your customers will happily make.

Provide installation from start to finish. Including an installation package as part of the generator, the purchase provides the service shoppers want, and they feel like they’re getting a great deal. Instead of doing the work themselves or contracting with individuals, they can get everything they want in one place.

Offer a Variety of Generator Options

Homeowners want options as they consider a permanent generator. Some have brand preferences as they enter this commitment. Others need to research to learn which carrier they prefer.

Whole home generator shoppers want choices. Give it to them by offering multiple standby generator brands. Below are the most trusted brands of whole home generators:

  • Generac
  • Cummins
  • Kohler
  • Sunrun
  • Honeywell
  • Champion Power Equipment
  • Briggs & Stratton

Ensure your staff is well-versed on the benefits of each brand, various price points of models, and differences between brands. Be prepared to give shoppers all the information they require to make an informed and confident purchase.

Offer Warranty and Maintenance Plans

Home generators aren’t a casual purchase. This significant financial investment requires backing from the seller. Offer warranty and maintenance plans that instill confidence in your customers and show them they can trust you for the long haul.

Many generator brands come with a warranty. Highlight this as you’re discussing options with your customers.

But don’t stop with a basic warranty. Set yourself apart by providing maintenance plans that keep your purchase running as it should. Regular check-ups address preventable damage and catch weak or failing elements before it’s too late.

Plus, if your company diagnoses an issue covered by the warranty, you’ll deliver a superior customer experience that shoppers will gladly share via online reviews and word of mouth. In an increasingly competitive industry, do what you can to stand out. Warranties and maintenance plans communicate honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness: all factors that are important to consumers who are preparing to make this purchase.

Streamline and Empower Purchases by Partnering with a Professional Financing Company

A whole-house generator is the difference between living in comfort and discomfort. In extreme weather events, entire communities can be without power for weeks. Installation of a home generator eliminates the worry, stress, and even waste that comes with multiple days of lost power.

For many Americans, the price of this peace of mind is impossible to meet. Most whole-home generators cost thousands of dollars, a number that’s out of reach for many U.S. homeowners. Recent research from Bankrate found that nearly one in four U.S. adults say they have no emergency savings, which means they don’t have expendable income to purchase a generator.

Individuals need a reliable energy source during outages, but most Americans don’t have the resources to purchase a whole-home generator with a lump sum cash payment. When outages occur, they’re in the dark, and HVAC businesses that sell and install generators miss out on significant sales.

However, permanent generators can be within reach for many more homeowners when you offer low monthly payments through United Consumer Financial Services. Offering consumer financing for whole-home generators helps you move a higher volume of products and empowers shoppers to buy the equipment they need to secure their peace of mind.

Partnering with UCFS, one of many finance companies in the industry, means you can provide home generator financing to empowers confident purchases. Our scheduled payment plans offer a fixed APR, monthly payments of 6-48 months, and the purchasing power that comes with affordable monthly payments that don’t drastically impact a household income.

In addition to increasing the affordability of these generators, consumer financing from UCFS streamlines the sales and purchase process. Customer credit application is simple and notice of approval is provided in minutes. Homeowners can apply for financing, receive confirmation, and make their purchase decision immediately. Streamlining this process helps brands and retailers maintain momentum and empowers shoppers to choose the equipment they need and want. Consumer financing is an effective tool that allows you to sell more generators and deliver reliable emergency energy to your customers.

Sell More Home Generators Now

Homeowners across the U.S. realize their need for and the benefits of a standby power source. Generator retailers are in a prime position to increase their sales and revenue from these products. All it requires is a strategic approach and services that help you stand out in a sea of competition.

Partnering with UCFS to offer consumer financing is an essential first step to increasing generator sales. Our team works with you to provide the service, support, and tools your customers need to bring home their generators today.

Contact the team at UCFS to choose the best consumer finance company today to help your business increase sales and revenue tomorrow.