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Here’s Ideas to Increase Repeat Customers at Your Med Spa

According to the American Med Spa Association, 70 percent of med spa clients are repeat customers. Motivating your existing clients to become regular customers is the key to your med spa’s successes.

Below, we outline six ways to increase repeat customers at your med spa starting now.

Make Your First Impression Count

Visitors to your med spa form opinions about your business very early on –– many times before they book their first appointment. Consider the ways your med spa presents itself to potential and existing customers. Your web site should be beautiful, professional, and easy to navigate. Staff must be helpful and kind both on the phone and at your front desk. Even the décor and layout of your spa speaks volumes about the kind of service you provide.

To draw customers in and keep them returning to your med spa, make every effort to ensure your first impressions strike a chord. From a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your space to friendly staff and even convenient scheduling options, do everything you can to stand out from the very beginning of your client’s journey with you.

Emphasize Gratitude and Customer Service

Every customer who enters your med spa should be treated like a treasure. Each patient contributes to the growth and sustainability of your business. Verbalize your thanks to your clientele, and teach your staff to do the same.

Today’s med spa patient brings high expectations to each appointment. The little things will set you apart from your competition. Go the extra mile to make each patient feel cared for and appreciated. Something as simple as a “thank you” goes a long way when you’re trying to show your patients how much you value their business.

Personal attention, gratitude, and compassion are crucial to increasing repeat customers at your med spa. According to one study, 84 percent of customers value a face-to-face thank you. As in all industries, leadership directs company culture. If there’s a lack of gratitude for your clients or no emphasis on customer service at the top, that mindset will trickle down to all your staff. Emphasize the importance of saying thanks and going the extra mile to make your med spa patients feel valued.

Customers notice those details and will keep that in mind when it’s time to schedule their next appointment.

Educate Clients on Skin Care Treatments

Your clients enjoy their treatments at your spa. But do they know how crucial regular skincare maintenance is to the health and beauty of their skin? Teaching your patients the importance of regularly scheduled skincare treatments encourages them to book follow-up appointments so they can enjoy beautiful, healthy skin.

Train your staff to educate your clients on their skincare treatments and regimens. A microneedling or microblading treatment will leave your patients feeling confident, but for optimal results, they need to schedule regular services with your team.

Before, during, and after your patient’s treatment, discuss the benefits of regular, consistent skincare treatments. If clients know the type of treatments that address their specific needs and know how often to schedule follow-up appointments, they’re more likely to become repeat customers.

Establish Med Spa Memberships

Many med spas have begun offering memberships to encourage repeat customers and increase average order values. Membership packages incentivize your customers to choose you for their med spa treatments instead of looking elsewhere for services.

Structure memberships packages that appeal to all your customers regardless of their budgets. Think about the most popular treatments and products at your med spa, and include those in your memberships. If you find that a significant percentage of your customers are coming to you for specific treatments, create a membership that includes their favorite things. This encourages them to visit your med spa more regularly while giving them special access or benefits that provide an exclusive feel.

When a client purchases a membership to your med spa, they have every reason to purchase their treatments from you. A membership package provides the services your patients already pay for and enjoy, but it encourages them to utilize those services more regularly. And when a client visits your med spa consistently, they become familiar with your products, your services, and your team. This breeds comfortability and encourages repeat visits at your med spa.

Rebook Before They Leave

Increasing repeat customers at your med spa starts from your first interaction with a patient. As we discussed earlier, many med spa treatments provide the best results when a patient undergoes multiple treatments scheduled by their provider. As you walk through your patient’s consultation, discuss the benefits of repeat treatments. If a patient knows this information from the start, you prepare them to schedule follow-up appointments, earning yourself repeat customers.

Before your patients leave the facility, ask when they’d like to book their next appointment. This can be done during patient intake or as they’re paying for their treatments. During their visit, your clients are excited about their time at your med spa and will look forward to returning. Simply asking a client about scheduling additional services is often enough motivation for them to book an appointment.

Offer Consumer Financing

One barrier to earning repeat customers at your med spa lies in your patients’ finances. When you offer consumer financing, clients can purchase the treatments they want, when they want them, with the option to fulfill their payments in affordable monthly installments.

Partnering with a consumer financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services makes financing simple. UCFS has been providing financing solutions to businesses like yours for over 40 years. After you apply and receive approval for merchant status, you can then offer point-of-sale financing to your clients. After a client signs their care plan and financing contract, your med spa is paid within 1-3 days, and UCFS accepts repayment from your clients through the life of the loan. The process is simple for both you and your patients, with UCFS taking care of payment collections and customer support.

Consumer financing options like those provided by UCFS give your patients the confidence and peace of mind to book the treatments they want. Going to the med spa doesn’t have to be a special occasion reserved for only once or twice a year. For your patients to receive the most benefit, they should be receiving treatments regularly. Providing them with financing options ensures they get the best care, and you increase repeat customers at your med spa.


Harnessing the power of repeat customers is crucial for your med spa not only to succeed but to thrive. Understand your customer’s wants and needs and then deliver solutions that give them the most out of their med spa experience. By working with a financing firm like UCFS, you provide convenient and simple purchasing solutions that benefit your customers and promote repeat business.

Contact the U.S.-based team at UCFS to increase repeat customers at your med spa today with med spa financing!