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How To Improve Pet Sales and Grow Your Pet Store

The world of pet sales offers a great deal of competition. Like any business, you must find a way to set yourself apart from the competition and get noticed. Here are a few ideas you definitely need to consider to help you boost your pet store sales and form a network of happy customers.

1. Hold Events At Your Pet Store

Holding events is a great way to draw people in from the community, whether they’re pet owners or not. For example, consider a “Puppy Party,” where you offer free refreshments while guests mingle with some of your most sociable pups. Events like these are sure to draw in people searching for their first pet or pet owners looking for another furry friend.

Other options include celebrating pet-based events or holidays, such as National Dog Day and Puppy Awareness Week, and hosting grooming or training days. Whether you have a trainer or groomer on staff or you partner with one in the community, giving pet owners the opportunity to take their pets to a spa day is sure to draw them into your store. Offer extra incentives, such as coupons or free treat bags, to further encourage people to attend — and to increase pet store sales while they visit!

2. Embrace Digital Marketing

Having a strong online presence is essential in today’s wired world, no matter your industry or field. Whether you have a website or just a Facebook page, using the internet as a marketing tool is a quick and easy way to spread the word and increase your pet sales. Consider these ways to build brand authority:

  • Blogging — either on your store website or as a guest in a pet-based website or local publication.
  • Social media (especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so you can showcase the pets you offer and people can share adorable photos of the pets they’ve purchased from you. Encourage customers who just bought their new furry friend to tag your business when they post their photos.
  • A referral program that gives current customers a reward when their friend buys a pet from your store (which can encourage customers to spread the word online).
  • Business listing sites.
  • Free ad sites, such as Craigslist.

3. Get Creative With Real-World Marketing

Think about what types of unusual, tangible marketing techniques you can use to help increase business visibility and grow pet sales as well. On top of handing out business cards and putting ads in your local newspaper, try something less conventional, such as:

  • Hand out free doggy cleanup bags with your store’s logo on them (or a business card) to people entering dog parks.
  • If you hold an event, give out doggy t-shirts or bandanas with your logo on them to snag some free four-legged advertising.
  • Sell or give away cute stickers or car window decals that feature your logo so people can see your store name anywhere they go. For example, the car decal or magnet could read, “I got my best friend at [Pet Store Name]!”

4. Establish Yourself As A Caring Expert

For a small business competing with giants, personal touch and helpful image are key. What you do in your store, online, and beyond can all help shape the reputation of your business. Take every opportunity to showcase your passion and expertise. This could include holding online or in-person Q&A sessions to answer pet owners’ questions or volunteering to be interviewed as a source for pet care bloggers and publications.

To further differentiate your store and show your specialized knowledge, offer products and supplies that might not be found at big box retail or grocery stores. For example, you can carry premium local or naturally-made cat and dog food that might be healthier for pets than standard brands. Consider handing out free samples of cat or dog food and treats when customers and their pets stop in, giving them a chance to try before they buy — and hopefully find their pet’s new favorite!

5. Offer Pet Financing

One of the best ways to close more sales at your store is to offer pet purchase financing. Without it, even if people come to your store and fall in love with an animal, they may have to walk away because the total cost of the pet is not within their budget. When you offer pet financing, you give customers the chance to take home a new friend and to give an animal a loving family.

UCFS can help you increase your pet sales and ensure more animals are welcomed into happy homes with our pet financing programs. Our credit approval process is easy and fast, so your customers can quickly move forward with the purchase of their new family member. You receive payment directly and promptly, and your customers begin repayment in fixed, manageable monthly installments after 30 days.

Increase Pet Sales With Financing Options From UCFS

Successful pet store owners can be difficult, but UCFS can help earn more pet sales and make more customers happy. Learn more about pet purchase financing and sign up to start a partnership with UCFS today.