In Home Sales Financing

Since 1980, UCFS has positioned itself as a leading provider of in-home customer financing by providing financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of the industry. We've been building long-lasting relationships with in-home sales distributors and merchants for more than 40 years. Understanding that our company can only thrive when our customers are successful guides every business decision we make.

UCFS Provides Decades of In-Home Customer Financing Experience

With 40+ years of experience providing in-home customer financing services for distributors and businesses of a variety of in-home products and services, there is simply no financing company better positioned to help take your business to the next level. UCFS works with distributors and sellers of all sizes and types. No in-home direct seller business is too large or too small to benefit from our services.

Whether your business sells cleaning products or water filtration devices, security systems, smart home systems or in-home movie theaters, home improvement services or HVAC repair/installation, generators or fireplace installation, working with UCFS has never been easier. Businesses and independent distributors can apply for our merchant program in a matter of minutes with just a quick phone call to UCFS. Offering low monthly payment with consumer financing can truly help any business. Never again leave a home wondering if the deal will be approved by your financial services provider.
With this in mind, we view every distributor we work with as part of our team rather than clients. Contact Us to Get Started
Experience Growth Through In-Home Customer Financing

As the old adage explains, sometimes it takes money to make money. UCFS understands in-home customer financing and how important having a reliable cash flow can be for a growing business. A critical component of selling products and services is having revenue at all times to be able to pay your sales team or purchase additional items for installations. After all, you can’t sell what you don’t have. We work with merchants and distributors to tailor unique financial solutions to their needs. When unpredictable circumstances arise, simply call and talk with us. We are always prepared to solve new problems as they arise, and open communication is essential to that process.

We Keep It Simple With our In-Home Customer Financing

No company understands the in-home customer financing process better than UCFS. Armed with this knowledge, we’ve dissected the sales process to design a system that simplifies everything. It’s quick and easy for potential customers to apply for low monthly payments. Simply give us a call and a member of our dedicated business development team will provide details of how the UCFS program works.

It’s Time to Talk About How We Can Help You

Let United Consumer Financial Services help take your in-home selling business to the next level. We are always looking for new merchant financing services and distributors to grow with. Learn more about becoming a UCFS merchant by filling out the short form below. Please take a few minutes to provide information on your business and your specific needs so we are better prepared to help you when we connect. We typically respond the same business day; however, all inquiries are responded to within one business day.

Learn how offering consumer financing can help your business grow.

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