HVAC Financing For Air Conditioning and Furnace Installation

As HVAC professionals, you know that far too often heating and cooling emergencies for homeowners happen when they are least expected. For some customers, these necessities strike in between paychecks, right after the holidays, or in succession with other life emergencies that can drain on-hand cash. As an HVAC service professional, you have a choice to make - allow the family to freeze or swelter, or trust that they will be able to pay you soon. Until now, that is. UCFS is proud to partner with HVAC pros all over the country to offer consumer financing for HVAC customers.

UCFS Expands Your Customers’ Payment Options

Be prepared when you encounter a customer whose circumstances have caught them off-guard temporarily and offer UCFS HVAC financing for your customers. When a furnace breaks down and needs repair in the middle of winter, or an AC unit stops working in the peak of summer, having low monthly payment for their immediately-needed replacement furnace, air conditioning or major repair project is essential! With UCFS financing, options for furnace or air conditioner customers, the benefits are:

  • Flexible financing terms (number of monthly payments: 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 months)
  • Same-as-cash options
  • Competitive interest rates as compared to credit card rates
  • Financing for all or a portion of work and material costs
  • A fast credit decision
  • Bank or credit/debit card autopay
  • Online portal for consumer to view account balance
  • Online portal for businesses to submit credit applications and review payments to their business.

Don’t leave potential new customers without options! Gain revenue that can help drive your HVAC business forward. Let UCFS handle the financials while you focus on what matters: Building your business.

With this in mind, we view every HVAC business we work with as part of our team rather than clients. UCFS succeeds when our business partners succeed. Contact Us to Get Started

Experience Growth Through Consumer Financing

This access to fast and convenient low monthly payments for a set period of time, is more than just a benefit for your clientele – it’s an incredible way to satisfy current customers and expand your customer base. Think of the number of people that live with inferior heating and cooling equipment because they didn’t have the money at the right time. The financial flexibility offered by UCFS makes missing out on those potential customers a thing of the past.

How Can UCFS Help You!

What’s more, partnering with us is fast, easy and free. The UCFS Merchant Agreement forms can process in two to three business days, and the training on UCFS policies and procedures only takes about fifteen minutes. Once that’s done, your company can immediately start offering HVAC financing and start enjoying the benefits of an expanded customer base. Each approved and accepted credit application is paid to the seller promptly.

Have questions about how to get started? Call us at 877-373-3482 or fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to provide further information on all the ways UCFS can benefit both you and your customers.

If you are a consumer searching for a way to finance your HVAC new installation or Air Conditioning (A/C), encourage your favorite Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning dealer to get in touch with us today!

Learn how offering consumer financing can help your business grow.

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