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How to Increase Leads for Your Timeshare Exit Company

Timeshare owners often find themselves unhappy with their investments and want a way to end their contracts. Timeshare exit companies like yours provide valuable services to these individuals. Understanding how to increase quality leads helps relieve clients of the burden of timeshare ownership and empowers you to grow your business.

This article shares our top tips to increase leads for your timeshare exit company.

1. SEO and Digital Marketing

According to the statistics, most timeshare owners want a way out. Timeshare owners desperate to end their contracts search for solutions, scouring the internet for reasonable options to terminate their ownership. Search engine optimization (SEO) brings these individuals to your site.

You provide the services these timeshare owners want and need. But for them to take advantage of all you have to offer, you must show them you’re out there ready to help. Cultivating an effective SEO strategy helps potential clients discover your site and purchase your services.

Earning traffic that helps you run and expand your timeshare exit company requires more than simply creating a website. To earn quality leads, clients must be able to find your site. Working with an SEO and digital marketing firm helps you execute SEO campaigns that increase leads and sales.

These firms know how to intentionally structure your site, your content, and any other aspect of your online presence. From the content you publish to the more technical elements of site development, SEO optimization gets you noticed by Google and other search engines to earn top-ranking spots in search engine results.

Professional digital marketing is essential for your timeshare exit company’s marketing strategy. Your clients are online, seeking every possible way to find a way out of their contracts. Formulate a solid digital marketing campaign and partner with a professional digital marketing firm, and you’ll position yourself to increase leads for your business.

2. Build a Strong Social Media Presence

In addition to Google searches, owners often turn to social media to express concerns and ask for advice about ending their timeshare contracts.

Maintaining an active and engaging social media presence is essential for any business. But knowing where your clients spend their time identifies where you should invest your social media efforts. Many people use Facebook as their primary social account to seek timeshare relief advice.

Facebook is home to countless groups and forums dedicated to timeshare owners. Many frustrated owners come to these groups to air grievances, find solidarity, and educate themselves on effective ways to end their contracts with their timeshare companies.

These individuals come to Facebook asking for the exact help you provide. All you’ve got to do is show them you’re here! Your social media engagement will increase your leads if you utilize these platforms well.

Maintain an Active, Consistent, and Helpful Presence

Your company’s Facebook page should include more than basic business information. Social media is a place to provide helpful information and engage with timeshare owners who come to you looking for a way out. Post regularly, answer questions, respond to comments, and provide helpful advice to people who visit your page. In addition, an active Facebook page communicates professionalism, contributing to increased leads.

Lead Generation

Facebook is the ideal platform for lead generation. As stated, your clients are on Facebook seeking solutions to their timeshare contracts. Therefore, utilize the platform to generate interest in your business and collect information from potential clients.

Facebook also allows you to run ads targeting individuals who have expressed interest in timeshare exit. Facebook ad campaigns enable you to reach the people looking for the solutions you provide more effectively. In addition, the social media site includes performance metrics for your ads, measuring their efficacy and engagement so you can alter advertising strategies as needed.

Your social media presence, especially on Facebook, helps you engage with a broad range of people who come to their socials looking for answers. Effective use of your social media increases leads and earns trust, which leads to new clients for your timeshare exit company.

3. Earn (and Manage) Good Reviews

Online reviews speak volumes about your company’s performance and serve as a bridge to connect you to potential clients. According to a BrightLocal survey, 82 percent of consumers read online reviews before purchasing. That number jumps to 93 percent among consumers aged 35 to 54. With the average age of a timeshare owner at 40, most of your potential clients will be reading reviews to find the best timeshare exit company to meet their needs.

Earning and managing your online reviews builds trust and increases leads for your company. Encourage current clients to leave a review by making the process simple. Email or text a review form to them. Instead of asking them to go online to leave a review, presenting them with a form increases the likelihood they’ll write one for you.

Whether a review is positive or negative, always respond. If a client leaves a glowing recommendation, thank them for their support. But if you encounter an unhappy client, do everything in your power to rectify the situation, then ask them to edit their review if they’re happy with the changes. Most customers will gladly alter a negative review if the company has addressed and remedied any issues.

Most importantly, it provide the kind of service that earns good reviews. Timeshare owners looking to end their contracts are under a lot of stress. Most of the time, they are in a difficult financial situation, and terminating ownership requires the energy and expertise they trust you to provide. Give your clients a great experience, and they will be happy to talk about it, leading to positive reviews and increased leads.

4. Offer Consumer Financing

The financial burden of unwanted timeshare ownership is overwhelming. In addition, timeshare contracts can be misleading, and individuals find themselves committed to life-long payments that they do not want or, worse, cannot afford.

Thankfully, timeshare exit companies like yours provide desperate relief for timeshare owners looking for an escape. But because timeshare ownership is often financially draining, paying for relief services can be difficult for people in this situation.

Offering consumer financing allows your clients to quickly pay for timeshare relief services without further jeopardizing their budgets. In addition, when you partner with United Consumer Financial Services, you give access to services that many of your clients might otherwise not find affordable.

With UCFS, your clients enjoy affordable, scheduled monthly payments. The client portal allows your customers to review payment history and loan status and provides them with access to UCFS’s U.S.-based customer support. Notice of approval is typically issued within minutes of application, so your clients can take advantage of your timeshare exit services as soon as possible.

Offering to finance can bring clients to your door and allow them to utilize your life-changing services. Earning leads for your timeshare relief company can be as simple as partnering with UCFS, making payments more manageable for your clientele.

If you’re ready to increase engagement, leads, and conversions, contact the team at UCFS today.