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Marketing Ideas for Your Tattoo Removal Practice

Thousands of people flock to tattoo shops every day to get a permanent piece of art on their bodies. Some of these pieces are beautiful and sentimental, carrying lifelong significance. But, unfortunately, some fill the owners with immediate regret.

As a tattoo removal practice, you provide necessary –– and in some cases, life-changing –– services to individuals who want to erase their ink. But to serve as many people as possible and increase your revenue, you must find ways to get people to book appointments and come through your doors.

This article outlines practical, accessible marketing ideas for your tattoo practice that will help you increase your bookings and profits.

Highlight Your Services on Image-Focused Socials

Tattoos are visual. And your practice exists to transform once-permanent regrets into something more visually appealing. Moreover, your audience will judge your practice based on visual evidence. Therefore, your marketing strategies should focus on channels that can engage and cultivate trust among potential clients.

Social media is an obvious means by which you can market your practice and provide visual proof of the high-caliber work you perform. Because many socials are visual-focused channels, you can reach various target demographics with the most engaging form of marketing: images and video.

Your practice sees clients from all age groups, from teens to adults. Understanding where your audiences spend time online empowers you to engage them on their preferred social channel.

Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook will be the most effective modes of reaching new clients. Sixty percent of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, while the largest segment of Instagram users is 25 to 34. Facebook is the most popular social media network for men and women aged 35-44.

By understanding social media usage among your audiences, you can better create and curate content that grabs their attention. So whether you’re creating TikTok reels, Instagram carousels, or a discussion on your Facebook page, social media provides opportunities to reach unique audiences on platforms where they’re already spending time engaging with content.

There’s no better proof of your expertise than a before and after visual of your tattoo removal client. Give potential customers the evidence they need and want to book a consultation with your practice.

Promote Referral Bonuses

Research tells us that more than a quarter of Americans have at least one tattoo, and 17 percent have multiple. That means there’s a significant chance your clients will have another tattoo they want to be removed or they have a friend who might be interested in your services.

Word of mouth is an effective (and free) way to market your business. Incentivize word-of-mouth marketing by offering referral bonuses to your existing clientele. For example, promise a percentage off a client’s subsequent treatment if a new customer books a consultation based on their recommendation.

Because tattoo removal requires multiple sessions of laser therapy, your clients know they’ll have the opportunity to save multiple times throughout the removal process. In addition, you’ll incentivize them to talk about your practice and share their experience –– and removal progress –– with others searching for the same services.

Referral bonuses are a win-win for your practice and your clients. They’re simple to implement and help deliver a positive customer experience while increasing interest in your practice.

Offer Package Discounts

Your clients will require multiple laser treatments to remove their tattoos effectively. By offering package discounts, you secure your client for various treatments. This does two things:

  1. You ensure they’ll receive multiple services, which allows them to interact with your staff while seeing progress over the long term.
  2. Their investment contributes to your practice’s cash flow, providing resources for you to run and expand your day-to-day operations.

Because most tattoos require many visits to remove or lighten to a sufficient degree, it’s in the best interest of your clients to book package deals. In addition, prepay options solidify the client-practice relationship, contributing to a higher CLV and greater customer loyalty.

Partner with Local Tattoo Shops

Partnering with local tattoo shops is an effective way to increase traffic to your practice. In addition, many individuals with tattoos opt for a coverup instead of total tattoo removal. In these instances, the client will likely need to have the tattoo lightened to achieve the best results with their coverup.

When a tattoo shop deems it necessary to lighten a pre-existing tattoo, they can recommend your practice to their clients. Partnering with local tattoo shops and receiving their recommendations increases your authority –– and bookings.

As you seek recommendations from shop owners, frame your pitch carefully. You don’t want to come across as antagonistic or as if tattoos are a universally bad decision. Instead, position your practice as one that helps address and fix past mistakes and empowers tattoo shops to provide even better results with tattoo coverups.

Provide Financing Options

Nothing is more frustrating and disappointing than being stuck with a tattoo you don’t like or no longer identify with. No one should have to deal with having an unwanted tattoo. That’s why your expertise is essential!

Laser tattoo removal can be costly, especially for older, larger pieces. The cost commitment can be a significant burden, especially for clients without monthly discretionary spending.

By providing consumer financing for tattoo removal services, you make it possible for your clients to be free from the regret of their tattoos. Partnering with a proven financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services makes the process simple for your business and clients.

The client application is simple and quick, with notice of approval granted in minutes. You can schedule treatment and begin as soon as possible with little to no wait time. Greater accessibility for your clients means you can serve a broader customer base. All the while, they enjoy the ease and simplicity of scheduled monthly payments.

When your practice advertises that you provide financing options – or low monthly payments – for tattoo removal, you attract more clients, increase their order values, and make repeat services accessible.


Thousands of individuals want and need the tattoo removal services you provide. Effective marketing can draw these clients to your door and change their lives. And when you partner with UCFS to provide consumer financing, you make tattoo removal accessible.

Contact our team today to learn how consumer financing can increase your client load and sales and help you grow your practice.