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Marketing Ideas to Grow Your House Painting Business

A thriving house painting business relies on effective and innovative marketing strategies to attract new customers and retain existing clientele. This article from United Consumer Financial Services highlights marketing ideas that house painting companies can use to sell more contracts and create happy customers.

1. Engage with Flyers

Few advertising tactics are more effective than putting your branding materials into the hands (or mailboxes) of your target audience. Unlike PPC (pay-per-click) ads or paying for a spot in a local paper or coupon book, a physical flyer is a stand-alone piece of advertising that your potential customer will see.

Leaving door hangers or placing flyers in mailboxes allows you to present your house painting business directly to your target audience. Many homes need a new coat of paint. But painting is often a task pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Your next clients are out there; they just need a nudge to take the first step in scheduling home painting services.

Take that first step on their behalf, and engage them with flyers or physical promotional material. A flyer in their mailbox is something they can’t ignore. And if their home needs new paint, they won’t want to wait!

2. Set Up a Google Business Profile

Most, if not all, of your business will come from local customers. Your marketing strategy should prioritize targeting local audiences.

Understanding consumer shopping behavior is crucial for house painting businesses. When a potential customer goes online to find a house painter, they’ll likely go to Google, search “house painters near me,” and begin sifting through the results Google produces. Establishing a Google Business Profile ensures your business information is available to those users so they can reach out to schedule a home visit.

A Google Business Profile includes all the relevant information shoppers need to narrow down their search and choose a house painter:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Social links and more

In addition to basic contact info, your Business Profile allows you to connect with customers, post updates, list your services, and more. It also shows customer reviews, which are among the most influential factors influencing a customer’s choice to hire a painter.

Perhaps most importantly, a Google Business Profile informs how your business appears in Google Maps, an essential feature for local marketing for house painting businesses. Users can search for a house painter near their home, review your services, and hear what other customers say about working with you. The same Profile has all your contact information, so the user can call you to schedule an estimate with one click.

If you’re trying to gain more local business (and as a house painter, you are!), then creating a Google Business Profile is a must.

3. Lawn Sign Advertising

Nothing showcases your expertise, professionalism, and quality work like a job well done. Take credit for your work. Put lawn signs in the yards of your happy customers and show potential clients what you can do.

A new coat of paint transforms a home. And when that paint job is executed without a flaw, it’s an exceptional way to advertise your house painting business. The proof of your work is easy to see for anyone passing by.

Ask your customers to leave your lawn sign in their yard for a specified period once you’ve completed the project. Make the text clear so drivers can see from their vehicles. Those looking for a painter will reach out when they see the good work you’ve done.

4. Social Media

Social media is a free way to showcase your work, connect with clients, and market your house painting business. It allows you to expand your reach and meet customers where they are. A strong social presence will enable you to implement the following methods to boost marketing for your house painting business.

Showcase Visual Proof

Everyone loves a transformative before-and-after. Most every popular social media platform allows you to publish pictures of your work so potential and existing clients can see how your painting company can improve the look and feel of a space – in as little as one day. Give homeowners visual proof of what you’ve done and empower them to visualize a change to their spaces (with your help!)

Connect with Customers

Interaction and engagement are at the heart of social media. Personalize your business and connect with customers through your social pages. Your customers want to be heard, not seen merely as a number or project. Socials allow you to maintain the positive relationships you build with your customers during home painting projects.

Knowing which social media sites your prospective customers visit is very helpful to getting in front of those target customers. Try sites such as Nextdoor, Facebook and Instagram. For sites with groups, join groups and post regularly to stay in front of the members.

Share Updates, Highlight Specials, and Advertise Services

Your customers are on social media far more often than they visit your business’s website. Socials are ideal for announcing changes, specials, and updates to your house painting company. Keep clients informed by using your social media channels to their full marketing potential.

5. Offer Financing to Increase Your Sales

House painting companies must differentiate themselves from other businesses in this highly competitive market. As pricing plays a primary role in consumer choice, flexible, affordable payment options are necessary for house painting businesses seeking to grow.

Whether your clients want to enhance their curb appeal with a new color, protect their home with a ceramic coating like Rhino Shield, or update their living spaces with color, financing empowers them to make the choices they want on their timelines.

United Consumer Financial Services offers consumer financing that caters to your clients and helps you increase your sales. Our financing program allows customers to apply easily from a phone or tablet. You receive a notice of approval in just a few minutes, enabling you to proceed with the sale. Customers learn the exact monthly dollar payment amount and the number of months to pay off their loan. Once the contract is signed, you can begin the project.

After you and your team have completed the project, your customer begins loan repayment, and UCFS pays you in just one to two days. With consumer financing, affordable, low monthly installment amounts are easier for customers to handle along with their regular monthly expenses. Ensuring fixed rates for your consumer financing program provides the consistency and predictability your customers want, unlike credit cards with variable rates.

Financing increases purchasing power for your customers, enabling them to

  • Begin their project now instead of postponing to save money or build credit
  • Expand their project to include multiple rooms or building exteriors
  • Add on accessory services you provide, like pressure washing, drywall floating, etc.
  • Upgrade their paint and coating selection

Becoming a merchant with United Consumer Financial Services is easy. Partnering with our team allows you to provide accessible, straightforward payment options that make your services more affordable to a larger customer pool.

Grow Your House Painting Business with UCFS

Your company has unlimited growth potential in this market. Understanding effective marketing strategies that engage your audience will position you to generate leads, book consultations, and execute more house painting contracts.

United Consumer Financial Services delivers financing solutions to make your services affordable and accessible. Becoming a merchant with UCFS is simple. Connect with our team today and learn how offering consumer financing is one of the smartest marketing decisions you can make for your house painting business.