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5 Trends in Marketing Your Gutter Protection Business

If a homeowner has gutters, they need the gutter protection products and services you offer. How can you market your business most effectively to an audience that wants your solutions?

This United Consumer Financial Services article explores the top five trends in marketing your gutter protection business. Here, we share how to market your brand effectively and increase sales starting today.

1. Prioritize Local SEO

Most gutter protection companies prioritize local customers. Because your work is hands-on and in-person, you must determine your service area before marketing your gutter protection business.

Once you determine the scope of your service area, utilize a local SEO strategy to get the attention of your target market.

Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach and engage potential clients. And when you’re earning local business, local SEO is essential. Below are a few trends in local SEO that you can implement to market your gutter protection company effectively.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an online directory that provides users with must-know information about your business, including hours of operation, contact information, and address. Online reviews and user-generated content, like pictures of your work, can also be published to your GMB listing.

Keeping your GMB account accurate and up-to-date ensures you’re providing potential customers with the information they need to learn about your business and book a consultation.

Mobile Optimization

Your potential clients conduct local searches from their mobile devices. Ensure your website is optimized for mobile use. If your site is challenging to navigate or the format makes mobile viewing difficult or impossible, users will move on to a different company without a second thought.

Voice Search

Shoppers phrase queries differently when using voice search on their phones. You must tailor your content to customers using voice search.

Think about how a user would ask a question verbally versus typing it into the search bar. Voice searches are usually longer. Optimize content to target these searches to rank higher and earn traffic from users ready to consider your services.

2. Form Strategic Local Partnerships

Your audience is local. They’re shopping for other local businesses for their needs, including home improvement materials, products, and services. Forming strategic local partnerships helps you reach a broader local audience and bolster your marketing efforts.

Partner with suppliers and local home improvement and hardware stores in your area. The same clients you target will visit these stores for other needs. When you create these partnerships and are the recommended business for gutter protection, you’ll increase your marketing reach and back your brand with the authority of other area businesses your customers trust.

3. Reputation Management

Online reviews are the lifeblood of your gutter protection business. Ninety-eight percent of people read online reviews for local businesses, and 87 percent of those seeking reviews look to Google to learn about the company. Google reviews are the most trusted and sought-after source, beating out Yelp and Facebook by considerable margins.

Reputation management requires businesses to be proactive. Below are ways you can boost your marketing through ratings and reviews:

Ask for Reviews

You want every job to produce a quality final product and a happy customer. When you provide an exceptional experience, ask your clients to share in a review. You can text them a link to a review submission, simplifying the process. Give them a reason to leave a glowing review, then make it easy with the click of a button.

Streamlining the review process increases the likelihood they’ll give an emphatic recommendation that influences a purchase more than any other factor, including shipping or return policies, price, or word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends.

Respond to Reviews

Having reviews is a start, but a holistic reputation management strategy includes addressing and responding to all positive and negative reviews. A disgruntled customer often wants to be heard, and they take to your reviews to express their frustrations.

You can repair the relationship with frustrated clients by acknowledging disappointment and rectifying mistakes. And when you do, you can ask them to edit their reviews to reflect their recent experiences with your company.

You won’t do everything perfectly. And when there’s a slip-up, you should do whatever you can to fix the situation.

Ratings and reviews management will affect your sales. A strong reputation management strategy boosts your marketing efforts and delivers the confidence shoppers need when choosing a gutter protection company.

4. Capitalize on Seasonality

Homeowners often forget about their gutters until something goes awry. Issues typically arise when seasons change and leaves start falling. Capitalize on the seasonality of gutter needs to market to homeowners urgently needing your products and services.

Increase your marketing efforts a few weeks before your busy season kicks off. You know what’s coming; educate your audience on the benefits of preemptively installing gutter guards. How can gutter protection save time and money in cleaning costs and replacement fees? Share statistics on gutter-related falls and injuries, then highlight how gutter protection products drastically reduce these numbers.

Bring attention to the issues caused by unprotected gutters. Then, position your company as the solution to these problems before they arise. Pre-season discounts can earn new customers and create brand awareness that carries through the rest of your busy season.

5. Offer Consumer Financing

Homeownership comes with various costs –– both expected and unexpected. Covering the mortgage is often more than many individuals and families can manage. Marketing your gutter protection business requires you to provide payment options that increase accessibility and affordability for all your clients.

Partnering with a consumer financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services helps you provide payment options that work for you and your customer base. With a quick, simple application process and prompt notice of the credit decision, clients can immediately proceed with their purchase. This reduces friction in the purchase process and helps you capitalize on the momentum of your interaction and close the sale.

Consumer financing options help you market yourself to the broadest customer base possible. When shoppers know financing is available, they’re more likely to consider and commit to purchasing.

Bolster Your Marketing Efforts Today

For many individuals, financing is the only way to access home investment purchases like gutter protection. Make these purchases possible with a partnership with UCFS and enjoy all the benefits financing options provide. Contact our team to learn how consumer financing can support your marketing efforts and help you increase your sales.