LASIK Surgery Financing

Corrective vision procedures like LASIK can greatly improve a patient's quality of life and remove the need for glasses and contact lenses from their budget. However, the cost of LASIK surgery can be a barrier between some patients and better vision.

UCFS helps businesses open their doors to more patients through vision financing for a variety of corrective procedures, like LASIK. Having a flexible payment option that allows patients to choose low, fixed, monthly rates instead of a lump sum allows vision facilities to schedule and follow through on procedures efficiently so patients leave with their vision improved or completely clear for the very first time.

How LASIK Surgery Financing Works

  • Medical or vision practices register with UCFS (no registration fee)
  • Practice offers consumer financing for an additional payment option: Think, cash, credit card or low monthly payments
  • After a credit application is completed, patients can be approved by UCFS within minutes
  • UCFS pays the business directly, usually within 2-3 days of contract signing and receiving the sales invoice.
  • Patient begins repayment of their financed amount to UCFS 30 days after their procedure.

Benefits for Patients:

  • Fixed, low monthly payments (think approximately $104 per month for 2 years for a $2,000 service)
  • Quick approval using criteria beyond credit scores
  • Finance amounts from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Personable and dedicated customer service professionals
  • Competitive interest rates and same-as-cash options, if offered by the business
Benefits for Clinics & Practices:
  • No registration fee, no setup fee, no monthly fees
  • Fast approval to streamline the procedure scheduling process
  • Business accounts are paid directly by UCFS
  • UCFS manages patient account services to increase collection rate
  • Co-branding marketing brochures provided to the practice at no charge.
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When financing eye surgery is an option available to patients, it’s possible to serve more customers and capture a larger share of the market. UCFS gives businesses the ability to attract more patients. UCFS has 40 years of experience in the broad spectrum of consumer financing services, so businesses and clinics can trust that our team has the skills needed to provide effective, friendly services to our partners and their customers.

Give the most payment options and best care to vision procedure patients.

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