Medical Equipment Financing

Medical equipment is an essential part of many peoples' lives, but sometimes insurance only covers part of the cost or nothing at all. Without medical equipment financing, the out-of-pocket cost becomes a barrier to acquiring the equipment patients need for a comfortable, high-quality life.

UCFS can help durable medical equipment (DME) businesses capture a broader share of their market by giving patients fixed-term repayment options as opposed to a single large upfront payment. Through financing, more patients can obtain the POC, CPAP machine or low vision device they need to maintain a happy, healthy life.

How Medical Equipment Financing Works

  • DME companies or retailers register with UCFS (no registration fee)
  • When a patient wants or needs low monthly payments for equipment, the retailer supplies an online or paper credit application, which is sent to UCFS for review
  • Approval can be provided in just minutes so the sale can be completed immediately
  • UCFS pays the business directly and promptly
  • Patient begins repayment of the contract amount to UCFS

Medical Equipment Can Include:

  • Portable Oxygen
    Concentrators (POCs)
  • Low vision devices
  • Sleep aid machines (CPAP & APAP devices)
  • In-home hospital beds
  • CPAP cleaners and sanitizers
  • Infusion pumps (insulin pumps)

Being able to offer financing for infusion pumps, CPAP machines, POCs and other forms of durable medical equipment is ideal for both patients and businesses. It’s a method of payment that allows patients to access the best medical equipment while keeping DME businesses stable in today’s changing market. Financing medical equipment adds a low, monthly, fixed payment option for purchases, making products more accessible to a wider market.

UCFS Financing Features Include:
  • Credit application decision in minutes
  • High percentage of approved patients
  • Finance amounts of $1,000 to $10,000
  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No consumer fee for early payoff
  • Online merchant portal for account review
  • Full-service website for patient account reference, online payment and autopay set-up
  • No-interest, same-as-cash options to qualified buyers, if offered by business
Case Study: Medical Equipment Customer Gains Freedom by Financing Portable Oxygen

Every patient deserves the best medical care possible, including the right medical equipment. UCFS is committed to helping DME businesses and retailers provide their patients the flexibility to live their best life possible. Read our case study on the freedom on customer gained from financing an OxyGo to see the incredible difference medical equipment financing can make in someone’s life.

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