Medical Mobility Equipment Financing

Mobility medical equipment helps people with all manner of physical limitations safely navigate inside and outside of their homes. However, without insurance, covering the upfront costs of the needed equipment can be challenging. Even with insurance, the cost of mobility products might not be fully covered and leave patients with no choice but to forego a purchase.

UCFS is here to ensure medical equipment retailers don't have to miss another sale, and patients don't have to do without equipment that would improve their quality of life, through medical mobility equipment financing. Adding a payment option through UCFS can help retailers provide wheelchairs, scooters and lift chairs to a broader scope of patients, even those who don't have insurance. And that's only scratching the surface of how UCFS can help.

How Medical Mobility Equipment Financing Works

  • Mobility medical equipment suppliers or retailers register as a merchant with UCFS. No registration fees!
  • Retailers clearly display financing as an option either in promotional materials or within their store and on their website, letting patients know the full scope of their payment choices.
  • Patients discuss a financing plan with the business as their payment option.
  • A credit application is completed online; review for approval takes only a few minutes.
  • After patients are approved, they begin repayment of the financed amount to UCFS.
  • UCFS provides payment to the business directly and in a timely manner.

Medical Mobility Equipment Can Include:

  • Stair lift climbers
  • Lift chairs
  • Motorized scooters
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Power chairs
  • Car, van and truck wheelchair lifts
  • Interior wheelchair vehicle lifts
  • Household elevators
  • Interior scooter auto lifts
  • Adaptive vehicle seating solutions
  • Auto electronic steering hand controls
Why Financing?

When a business offers wheelchair, van or lift chair financing to patients, what they’re really offering is flexibility. Financing gives patients access to the best mobility medical equipment while still helping retailers service more customers in an ever-changing market. Adding a low, fixed, monthly payment option for purchases enables merchants to offer more customers the ability to have the freedom they desire to get around, drive, make choices they might not have been able to make before. Financing mobility equipment means a business can help more patients!

UCFS Financing Features Include:
  • Fast patient approval – under a couple minutes
  • Finance amounts from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Consumers can save on interest if they pay off their balance early
  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Set term/number of months for consumer repayment (12, 18, 24 or 36 months)
  • Online merchant and consumer portals
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No monthly fees for merchants
  • Access to friendly, helpful UCFS financing experts
  • No interest, same-as-cash options if offered by the retailer and buyer is qualified
Every Patient Deserves Access to Quality Medical Mobility Equipment

UCFS is committed to helping businesses help patients obtain medical mobility equipment quickly with repayment plans that meet their budgetary needs. Whether it’s scooter financing, a payment plan for equipment to convert a car, van or truck to be handicap accessible, or a chair lift for a patient to be able to stay in their home and sit while being moved up their stairs to the second floor bedrooms, UCFS is ready to help businesses process more sales and improve patients’ quality of life.

If you offer medical mobility equipment, you might also be interested in UCFS financing of medical equipment or elective medical procedures.

Learn how offering consumer financing can help your business grow.

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