Medical Procedure Financing

Providing high-quality care, whether it's an emergency procedure or a cosmetic one, is the top priority of medical clinics, practices and hospitals. For many patients, however, the out-of-pocket costs are challenging, especially if the procedure is only partially covered by insurance, or not covered at all.

With UCFS, hospitals and medical offices can provide medical procedure financing to their patients. Our friendly, streamlined approach ensures that patients receive treatments they want or need while maintaining or growing hospital profits and market margins.

How Medical Procedure Financing Works
  • Hospitals or medical practices register with UCFS — no registration fees
  • Medical or hospital procedure financing is advertised as a payment option for patients seeking treatment
  • After applying, patients can be approved within minutes so procedure scheduling can be completed
  • UCFS pays the hospital or clinic directly, in a timely manner
  • Patients begin repayment of their financed amount after 30 days
Medical Procedures Covered Include:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Laser skin procedures
  • Eye procedures such as Lasik
  • Pain management
  • Bariatric surgery – up to $10,000
  • Stem Cell procedures
  • Most any medical procedure, both elective and medical deductibles
Benefits For Patients Include:
  • Fixed, low monthly repayment options
  • Patients can move forward with a needed procedure right away.
  • Quick approval using criteria beyond credit scores
  • Financed amounts ranging from $1,000-$10,000
  • Competitive interest rates, often lower than other medical procedure finance companies
  • Dedicated and personable customer service teams
  • Online portal for account review, including easy auto-pay options to avoid missed payments
Benefits For Hospitals & Clinics Include:
  • Quick approval for a streamlined scheduling process
  • Direct payments to hospital accounts from UCFS
  • Patient account services managed by UCFS to increase the collection rate
  • No registration, setup or monthly fees
  • Co-branding options for patient brochures and other informational materials
Learn More About Medical Procedure Financing From UCFS

With 38 years of experience in consumer financing, the UCFS team has the skills needed to provide friendly and effective services for hospitals and clinics. UCFS is dedicated to helping medical practices capture a wider range of clients seeking treatment while also lowering debt portfolios so hospitals can focus on what’s most important — providing the best care for patients. Learn more about our hospital procedure financing program by reaching out today.

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