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Why Offer Consumer Financing for Your Playset Company

Playsets bring fun to a backyard, daycare, or anywhere children play. Whether you’re selling swing sets, playhouses, playsets, or accessory play equipment, you’ve got to stand out and implement methods to sell to an eager audience.

In this blog, the United Consumer Financial Services team delves into the compelling reasons why you should offer consumer financing for your playset company. From attracting a broader customer base to boosting sales, find out how this strategic move can enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth for your company. Let’s get started.

1. Give Buyers Access to Quality Playsets

Choosing a playset is a significant investment. And shoppers want to know they’re getting safe, durable, and fun equipment at a price that works.

Many buyers must balance cost with quality when buying a playset. Budgets and cashflow restraints often prevent consumers from choosing the swing set they want, so they settle for a low-end product or forego the purchase altogether.

But when you offer financing for your playset company, you give buyers access to quality playsets that will last. Well-crafted features, thoughtful design, and attention to detail enhance the play experience and give your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are playing on safe, quality equipment. Below are a few of the playset and play equipment companies delivering quality products that facilitate play. 

Swing sets and playhouses can bring children years of joy and fun, but only if they’re made well. Moreover, a durable play set requires less maintenance and is less likely to develop safety hazards over time, saving both time and money for parents.

When a product is quality, that’s reflected in the price. Put the power into consumers’ hands with playset financing that provides access to quality, durable, and beautiful swingsets.

Partnering with a leading playset financing company is a straightforward way to make quality products accessible to your customer base. Breaking down a big-ticket price tag into smaller, affordable scheduled payments allows shoppers to increase the value of their purchase without jeopardizing savings or budgets or adding to their credit card debt.

2. Reach a Broader Customer Base

There’s one unifying factor among your customers: they’re buying a playset with children in mind. Apart from that, you’re serving a diverse customer base with varying financial situations. Consumer financing helps you reach the broadest possible set of shoppers by providing the payment solutions they want or need.

Many of your customers prefer or require payment plans to bring home big-ticket items like playsets or playhouses. Consumer financing allows shoppers to choose the pieces they want and pay them off over time. When lump sum cash or access to a credit card isn’t a requirement for purchase, you open your doors to more shoppers ready to bring home their playsets today.

3. Facilitate a Quick and Easy Purchase

Because a swing set or playhouse is a big financial commitment, your shoppers are doing their research. What playset fits their needs, has the aesthetic they want, and fits their budget?

Many factors go into choosing the ideal playset, and it’s not a decision consumers make lightly. Affordable, flexible payment options give you a competitive advantage and allow you to facilitate a quick, simple purchase for your customers.

Streamlined financing makes it convenient for customers to purchase without unnecessary delays in the process. When they know the playset they want fits within their budgets, there’s no hesitation to commit.

With United Consumer Financial Services, swing set financing is fast and straightforward.

UCFS offers a fast, straightforward application with prompt notice of approval. From there, you can commence with the sale and provide clear instructions for loan repayment. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the customer’s online credit application, or have them enter it themselves
  2. Receive near-immediate communication of credit application status
  3. For approved credit applications, customer eSigns the contract right from their phone
  4. Move forward with the sale
  5. Get paid by UCFS within 1-3 days after the project is complete
  6. Consumer makes payments through autopay for the life of the loan, starting 30 days after the contract is executed

With UCFS, there are no surprise fees for your business, consistent rates/APR for your customers, and high approval rates that translate to success for your playset sales.

 4. Maximize Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is a crucial factor in the success of your playset company. You need a steady revenue stream to solidify day-to-day operations and build your business. This means you want to take every step to secure and increase your cash flow.

Partnering with a proven, trustworthy financing firm allows you to improve cash flow management while reaping the benefits of predictable cash flow day in and day out.

Funds waiting in accounts receivable are useless to your business. You need access to your money; consumer financing programs facilitate positive cash flow for your playset business.

Partnering with UCFS for playset financing allows you to provide affordable, accessible payment options so your customers can choose the swing sets they want, and you receive timely funding that you can immediately pour back into your business.

5. Sell More Playsets

Shoppers browsing playsets, playhouses, and other play equipment want the best product at the best price. You can trust they’re exploring payment options as they take to the digital shelf to find the perfect playset.

Customers are more likely to convert from casual browsers to engaged shoppers when financing is an option. Cost is the biggest obstacle for your potential customers. Reducing financial barriers leads to higher conversion rates, especially when shoppers are on the fence.

In addition to increasing conversions, consumer financing helps increase your average order values, by adding perhaps a spiral slide, a bridge or climbing walls. Upgrading playsets or adding additional components is affordable for everyone when the total cost is broken down into a monthly payment plan.

Financing helps you sell more while empowering shoppers to upgrade their purchases.

Increase Your Playset Company’s Revenue with Proven Consumer Financing

When you offer financing for your playset company, you empower shoppers to create a better play experience for their kids, including better quality equipment, more amenities, and more fun.

When you partner with United Consumer Financial Services, you come out on top, and so do your customers. Our team has been providing consumer financing for more than four decades. We have the systems and support to deliver a superior financing experience.

If you’re ready to sell more playsets and grow your business, contact United Consumer Financial Services. We’re here to help you succeed. Let’s get started today.