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How Vets Can Help Families by Offering Pet Surgery Financing

Throughout a pet’s lifetime, they’ll possibly require surgery. Your veterinary office can help pet families access the care their pets need to live long, happy, and healthy lives by providing pet surgery financing.

What is Pet Surgery Financing?

Pet surgery can be costly, especially since most pet owners don’t have insurance policies that cover the surgery. So when the need for surgery arises –– usually suddenly –– pet owners can be faced with the difficult decision to pay for services on the day of the operation or forego surgery altogether.

No pet owner wants to defer surgery because of a lack of cash. However, vets can help families by offering low monthly payments to alleviate the burden of a lump sum surgery payment. Pet surgery financing allows your clients to pay for their pet’s medical bills over time, perhaps $100 over 18, 24, or 36  months.

Even if pet owners have insurance for their pets, some insurance plans only cover regular treatments, like teeth cleaning or heartworm medication. If you, like the vet, deem surgery necessary, your clients may find that their insurance doesn’t cover the cost of the operation.

If this happens, pet owners need alternative payment methods to ensure their pets get the treatment they need. By offering pet surgery financing through United Consumer Financial Services, you empower your clients to provide the surgical services their furry family members require – on the same day.

United Consumer Financial Services collects your clients’ monthly payments through the life of the loan. As a result, your veterinary office is paid just a day or two after your client signs the installment loan contract. This allows you to provide your essential services without the hassle of in-house financing or risking a lapse in cashflow.

Benefits of Pet Surgery Financing

By offering pet surgery financing through UCFS, you provide many benefits for your clients, and your veterinarian’s office also reaps significant benefits. Read on to learn how pet surgery financing can serve your veterinary business.  

Help More Clients

Pet owners want to provide the best care possible for their pets. However, the financial burden may be too much for some individuals to manage when immediately-needed surgery is involved. As a result, they may be torn between saving their pet’s life and figuring out how they will cover the cost of the much-needed surgery for their pets.

By offering pet surgery financing through UCFS, you make surgery accessible and affordable for pet owners in your city or community. When faced with urgent health needs for their pets, you can offer financing, so they feel confident that they can utilize these low monthly payment options to pay for their pet’s medical needs – meaning that choosing life with a surgical procedure is easier to make. In addition, pet surgery financing options allow you to help more clients when they need it most.

Maintain Cashflow

For veterinary clinics and vet hospitals who do their financing, pet financing services through UCFS allow you to provide consumer financing without risking a lapse in your cashflow. Because UCFS collects loan repayment and pays you directly within a day or two of the contract signing, you enjoy the benefits of pet surgery financing without worrying about missed client payments and how that affects your business.

Pet surgery financing allows your clients to provide their pets with necessary surgical treatment. You enjoy consistent cashflow that helps you provide exceptional care while investing back into your business.

Make Non-Urgent Surgical Services Accessible

Pet surgery comes at a cost. Unfortunately, many individuals aren’t prepared to pay for their pet’s surgery all at once. But with pet surgery financing, they can easily afford the low monthly payments offered by UCFS.

When large lump sum surgery bills are broken down into affordable installments, pet owners are more likely to opt for life-saving surgical procedures. In addition, they are empowered to choose surgical care for their pets that might not be urgent.

For example, many dogs develop benign tumors as they age. While these tumors may not be life-threatening, they can make daily living uncomfortable for the animal. Access to pet surgery financing incentivizes pet owners to schedule surgery for their dogs to remove the tumors, increasing the quality of life for the animal.

Pet surgery loans from UCFS enable pet owners to give their animals the very best life possible through surgical care, regardless of the urgency of the need.

How Pet Surgery Financing Helps Families with Pets

Roughly seventy percent of U.S. households own a pet. That’s over 90 million families with furry companions. And statistics show that about one in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year.

Unfortunately, many families are not prepared for the costs associated with surgery for their pets. But by providing pet surgery financing through a firm like United Consumer Financial Services, you make these critical services available to pet owners who would do anything for their four-legged family.

Below we explain how you can help families with pets by offering pet surgery financing.

Allows Pets to Receive Care They Need

Pets can improve our mental, physical, and emotional health. Pet owners know firsthand the joy their tiny companions bring to their life. So they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their pets healthy and happy.

Throughout a pet’s life, they’ll likely need some form of surgical intervention. But many pet owners don’t have the up-front cash resources to pay for surgical care. In these instances, pets don’t receive the medical care they need.

You can change this narrative by offering pet surgery financing. Installment payment plans allow pet owners to bring in their pets to receive the surgical care they need to live full, happy lives.

Pet owners never want their companions to deal with preventable pain, discomfort, or illness. When surgery is the best or only option, you want to ensure that your clients have realistic, affordable options to pay for this care.

Reduces Financial Burden for Pet Owners

For many Americans, their pets are family. An unexpected surgery for a pet is emotionally jarring. However, it should not be financially devastating as well.

Pet surgery financing reduces the financial burden for pet owners. In addition, by providing consumer financing through UCFS, you empower your clients to make the best decisions for the life and health of their pets.

If a dog, cat, or other animal needs surgery unexpectedly, their owners might not have the cash on hand to pay for services the day of. If they don’t have the cash resources to pay for the surgery upfront, they must utilize alternative payment methods. Offering pet surgery financing through UCFS makes surgery payment easier for your clients.

Veterinary financing allows pet owners to break up a large surgery bill into affordable, manageable monthly payments. Instead of pulling from savings to pay for the total cost of surgery upfront, your clients can take advantage of low, scheduled payments that won’t disrupt their planned monthly spending.

Elongates the Life of Pets

Unfortunately, if pet owners cannot afford to cover surgical bills, they will need to turn down your services. And when surgery is necessary but isn’t affordable, the pet’s life hangs in the balance. Pet surgery financing makes life-saving operations accessible for pet owners who might not have cash or a credit card to cover these costs.

As a veterinarian, you know the importance of providing medical care to the animals you treat. You also know the deep bonds your clients build with their pets. You want to do everything you can to keep pets with their families for as long as possible. And many times, that means surgical intervention.

When your veterinary office provides pet surgery financing through UCFS, you preserve the life of the pets you treat and the familial bond between pets and their owners. In addition, when pet owners have financing options, they feel confident to move forward with surgery which, in many cases, elongates the life of their pets.


Pet surgery financing empowers your clients to make the best choices for their pets’ health. Contact our team at UCFS to learn how our pet surgery financing options can benefit your clients and your pet clinic or pet hospital starting today!