Timeshare Relief Financing Solutions for Cancellation Services

Help Timeshare Owners Exit Their Contract by Offering Your Services with Low Monthly Payments

When individuals come to you for professional timeshare cancellation services, they desperately want out. They’re relying on you to quickly and permanently annul their timeshare contract and existing timeshare mortgage. While this process can be nerve-wracking for your clients, you can help ease their stress by offering a payment plan for your services. When you partner with UCFS, a leading provider of professional service financing, you can help your clients cancel their timeshare once and for all and offer beneficial financing for your services that fits their budget.

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Timeshare Relief Financing via United Consumer Financial Services


How Timeshare Relief Financing Programs Work with UCFS

  • Firms providing timeshare relief services register to become a business that offers UCFS financing options to clients.
  • Registering your business with UCFS is fast, easy and free. Businesses benefit from zero registration, setup or monthly fees.
  • Once you’ve completed the UCFS Merchant Agreement forms, they are processed in just two to three business days.
  • When your business registration is complete, you can immediately start offering timeshare relief financing to clients. Think: Cash, credit card or low monthly payments!
  • When a client wants help paying for your services, an easy online credit application is completed by either your employee or your customers.
  • Within minutes, you’ll be notified if the credit application was approved and a contract can be automatically created.
  • UCFS funds your business promptly, usually in 1-3 days. Your clients begins repayment of the financed amount to UCFS in fixed, low monthly payments after 30 days.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Individuals who want to exit their timeshare contract need your expertise and assistance. With a financing solution, they don’t have to decline your services due to an inability to cover the cost of services. They can obtain the services they need to eliminate their timeshare contract.
  • Your clients benefit from UCFS’ easy application process for credit approval within minutes for same-day services.
  • Your clients benefit from a low, fixed monthly payment – for 12, 18, 24 or 36 months – for your services, as opposed to one large payment.
  • Your clients will have access to a simple, full-service website for account management and payments.
  • Your clients will have an bank or debit/credit card autopay option.
  • Your clients will never receive a penalty for early payoff.

What We Can Do for You

Timeshares are easy to get into and can be extremely hard to get out of. That’s where your expertise and extensive knowledge on the timeshare industry come into play for so many individuals and families who need their contracts cancelled. Every client that needs your services, however, may not be able to afford them upfront. With UCFS as a partner for your timeshare cancelling services, you don’t have to leave clients without options. You can show every potential client that your services come attached to an easy and affordable financing option.


How Your Firm Will Benefit:

  • Capture a larger share of business from a broader range of clients.
  • Serve clients with timeshare relief help even if they have poor credit.
  • Access the UCFS online portal to process consumer credit applications, easily complete financing contracts, and review accounts and company payments.
  • See increased business with a payment method that offers improved convenience and access to your services.
  • Offer fast client approval for same-day services.
  • Finance amounts of $1,000 to $10,000.
  • Be provided with UCFS co-branded marketing brochures.
  • UCFS handles the financials so you can focus on moving your firm forward.

Your clients have a lot on their mind that can lead to a significant amount of financial stress. Together, we can help timeshare owners feel unstuck and successfully exit their contract. Since financing is an ideal method of payment for both clients and businesses, your firm can help more clients.

With a high percentage of applicants approved, our financing solutions are designed to act in the best interest of your clients and your business.


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