Veterinary Financing

Veterinary procedures are necessary—and sometimes unexpected. As a result, consumers may have difficulties covering a large bill in a single payment. Offering veterinary financing through UCFS is a way veterinary practices can provide needed services to pet owners while ensuring their business's financial stability.

Registering for our merchant program is easy and helps set apart a veterinary practice from the rest by providing an additional method of payment that can fit almost any budget. UCFS’ merchant program also offers a number of additional benefits for practices, pet owners and, of course, pets!

Benefits Of Vet Financing For Animal Owners

  • Animal owners are able to pay for pet emergency services and other important procedures.
  • Fixed, low monthly payments for almost any budget.
  • Fast, friendly service from UCFS makes repayment stress-free.
  • No penalty for early payoff.
  • Animal health is maintained and improved.
How UCFS’ Veterinary Financing Merchant Program Works
  • Businesses sign up for the UCFS merchant program.
  • When a pet owner needs help covering the cost of an expensive veterinary bill for routine or emergency services, office personnel can suggest a veterinary payment plan with low monthly payment over a year, two or even three years.
  • The family completes a quick and easy credit application.
  • Within minutes of approval, veterinary professionals can begin the needed procedure. Financing can also be offered after the procedure is complete.
  • UCFS will provide payment to the veterinary center in a direct and timely manner.
  • 30 days after the payment is received, the pet owner will begin a fixed, low monthly repayment plan.
UCFS Veterinary Financing Advantages Include:
  • A high percentage of approved customers to help more pets.
  • Quick customer approval.
  • Financing of amounts up to $10,000.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Easy online merchant portal for account review and business payment details.
  • Co-branded consumer brochures and informational materials for the practice’s waiting room.
  • Direct, prompt payments your business can depend on.
Ensure Every Family Can Pay For Their Pet’s Veterinary Needs

Offering a flexible payment option with low monthly payments is simple with UCFS. Vet hospital financing allows veterinary professionals to accommodate their customers’ budgetary needs while providing quality care for their animals. If you’re a veterinary professional interested in our financing services so you can help more families and pets, fill out our free merchant application form or contact us today. We look forward to working with your veterinary practice.

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