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Top Five Reasons Financing Pet Training Services Makes Sense

Ask anyone with a new puppy, and they’ll assure you that pet training is necessary. But it’s not always affordable for every pet owner desperate for help.

By offering alternative payment options or payment plans for your pet training business, you make pet training services accessible, providing peace for your clients and their pets. Financing removes the burden of an upfront, in-full payment, allowing individuals and families to benefit from pet training as soon as possible.

For these reasons and more, financing pet training services makes sense.

Financing Pet Training Services Makes Sense

1. Financing Makes Life-Changing Pet Training Services Affordable

Untrained pets can disrupt a peaceful home. Pet owners love their furry companions, but when a puppy has chewed apart the fifth pair of shoes, tensions rise to an all-time high.

Thankfully, destructive behaviors, leash pulling, a refusal to listen to commands, and even house training can be corrected with professional pet training services. But quality training services can be expensive, and some pet owners don’t have the resources to pay for training upfront.

For those without extra cash or a credit card to pay for lessons, there’s no option but to try and deal with the behavior problems –– unless training centers offer financing.

Pet training financing makes peace and harmony possible. When you break up the cost of training services into affordable monthly installments, every pet, even the most free-spirited pup, can learn to listen.

Financing reduces the time required to save for obedience lessons, allowing pet owners to utilize life-changing pet training services when needed: now!

2. Behavioral Issues are Corrected as Soon as Possible

No one wants to wait on training services, especially if their pet is wreaking havoc in their home. But if an individual relies on all their income to cover monthly expenses, or if they don’t have a credit card, saving enough cash for training can take months.

But pet training financing can begin moments after your customer walks through your doors or calls for in-home training lessons. With UCFS, a financing application takes just minutes, and customers receive notice of approval quickly. That means your clients can begin training same day through an affordable monthly payment plan.

Financing allows you to provide life-changing training services to pet owners desperate for help.

When this happens, everyone benefits; the pet, the owner, and your business.

3. Financing Attracts a Wide Customer Base

Pets are lovable – but also an investment. And this is especially true when pets need training or behavioral correction services.

According to the American Pet Products Association, approximately 70 percent of U.S. households ­­–– just over 90 million families –– own a pet. The first time the APPA conducted the same survey, only 56 percent of households owned a pet. The number of people bringing pets into their homes is steadily growing.

That means the number of pet owners seeking training services is growing, too.

In the same 2022 research from the APPA, the organization found that pet ownership demographics were as follows:

  • Millennials: 32 percent
  • Baby Boomers: 27 percent
  • Gen X: 24 percent
  • Gen Z: 14 percent
  • Builders: 3 percent

Potential pet parents from every generation want to bring home a furry companion, and they want them to behave when they do!  By offering financing options, you remove friction in their customer journey and give them another reason to choose you for training services.

Every generation has varied spending habits and needs, but they all need payment options to receive training for their pets. Financing attracts a broad customer base, targeting shoppers from every demographic.

4. Make Payment Simple and Easy for Pet Parents

Individuals come to you excited and hopeful about all the benefits pet training can bring. As a trainer or business owner, you get to be a part of a joyful experience: introducing peace and calm to your clients’ homes.

When you offer consumer financing through a firm like UCFS, you make payment simple for hopeful pet parents, even those without cash, to pay the total cost of their training upfront on the day of service.

Pet training financing allows your clients to pay fees over a set period through UCFS’s user-friendly payment portal. Users can know precisely what they’re responsible for each month, and with auto payment options, there’s no chance of late payment. Pet training financing offers the predictability and affordability pet owners want, and you reap the benefits of delivering a positive experience to your clients.

5. Pet Training Financing Makes Good Business Sense

Whether you own a pet store providing obedience lessons or run a specialty training program, offering pet training financing makes sense.

You need cash flow for sustainable growth and success. When your clients pay for your services in cash, you have the resources immediately in your hands. But if pet parents need alternative payment methods, you want more customers, so must find avenues to make payment possible without losing cash flow to your business.

Partnering with a third-party pet training financing firm allows you to have the best of both worlds: you provide accessible alternative payment methods to customers and enjoy consistent cash flow. When you partner with UCFS, you receive payment quickly – within 1-3 days – so you can continue running –– and expanding ­­–– your pet training programs. And you can do this without burdening your team with the responsibility of handling in-house financing, with payment scheduling, collection, and communication. UCFS’s U.S.-based team takes care of your financing collection and customer service, returning time and energy to you and your team so you can get back to doing what you do best.

In the likelihood that your clients will need training services for new pets in the future, financing helps you secure your professional relationship. Pet owners often prefer to remain with their trainer. When you provide financing options, they have every reason to come back to you again and again for future training needs –– even if their financial situation changes over time.

Pet Financing with UCFS

Signing up for pet training financing with UCFS is simple and efficient. There’s no registration fee. Talk with a UCFS business development representative, complete your merchant application, and when a customer is ready to apply, have them complete a simple online credit application. After notice of approval, complete the contract, and receive prompt, direct payment from UCFS. Your customers make their monthly payments to UCFS for the life of their loan.

Pet training financing can only benefit your business. It just makes sense. Connect with a team member today to learn how financing through UCFS can help you –– and pets and their owners –– today!