Jewelry Financing

For shoppers wanting to purchase a precious stone, diamond engagement ring and wedding bands, or a luxury watch, financing is an excellent way to obtain the life celebration item now! For retailers wanting to service more customers financing is the perfect alternate payment method for customers wanting low monthly payment for a set period of time. UCFS fixed-term installment loan (closed-end financing) are a terrific payment option for both retailers and shoppers.

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How To Offer Jewelry Financing

  • As a retailer, you can register at no charge with UCFS to become a business that offers your customers financing for their purchase. 
  • When a customer is interested in paying with low monthly payments, you can guide them through an easy online credit application
  • Within minutes, you’ll be alerted to the credit app status and if approved, the shopper can move forward with buying their new jewel!
  • You’ll receive your payment directly and promptly, less UCFS’ small fee.  Only pay for the financing service when you use it.
  • Your customer will begin repayment of the financed amount after 30 days
Why Customers Want To Finance Their Jewelry Purchase
  • Jewelry shoppers are planning to wear their new favorite jewel for years, so financing with low monthly payment for 24 or 36 months can make sense!
  • Set payment amounts over a specific length of time are easier to manage than a large lump sum
  • A large charge on a consumer’s credit card may mean hefty monthly service fees and payoff many years beyond when an installment contract would have been completed.
  • Smaller payment amounts work with virtually any budget
  • UCFS offers fast, friendly service and an easy application process to make financing an engagement ring, luxury watch or purchase less daunting

To help retailers in this changing market, and to allow shoppers to purchase the gem, watch or jewelry they desire, financing is the ideal method of payment for both shoppers and retailers. Jewelry purchase financing is especially helpful for people depending on available cash and credit cards to manage day-to-day expenses. Click here to read UCFS’ financing article on the difference between consumer financing and revolving credit card purchases.  By adding a low, monthly, fixed amount, shoppers can buy their desired watch or pendant, and couples can buy an engagement ring to start their new life together!

UCFS Jewelry Financing Advantages:
  • Shoppers can be approved in minutes
  • A high percentage of customers are approved                      
  • Finance amounts of $1,000 to $10,000
  • Low, fixed monthly payments with a set number of months per term
  • Interest rates that are competitive or lower than many other consumer financing companies and lower than credit card rates
  • No fee for early payoff
  • Buyers use auto-pay for easy set-it-and-forget-it payments that stop at the end of the contract term
  • Online merchant portal to review accounts
  • Full-service consumer website for account reference, online payment and auto-pay
  • No-interest, same-as-cash options when paid in the specified time frame, (if offered by the retailer)
Every fiancé deserves a diamond!

UCFS is committed to helping retailers offer jewelry to everyone, including new couples – young and old.  And, repayment through simple auto-pay service with low monthly payments can meet most any budget.  Shoppers who might have delayed their purchase or not proceeded at all can move forward now!

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