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The 1 Option Every Company That Sells Medical Equipment Should Offer

The medical field as a whole is always evolving, with new advances in treatment and technology being developed every day. To keep up with the curve and give your patients the best possible products and care, you need to offer the newest top-notch medical equipment. You also need to offer medical equipment financing to ensure your high-quality products are accessible to as many patients as possible.

Why Offer Medical Equipment Financing?

As a company that specializes in selling medical equipment, you know that changes in regulations, insurance policies, technology and the economy can all affect what equipment is in demand. The field itself is also shifting to support the needs of an aging population and new trends in diagnosis.

While it can be difficult to pinpoint which equipment will sell, you will be more likely to increase sales if you offer medical equipment finance options to your patients. Rather than not purchasing a new mobility scooter or portable oxygen concentrator (POC)  because patients are unable to cover the full purchase price upfront, they will be able to finance the needed equipment at more manageable, low monthly payments. Your patients then have access to CPAP machines, POCs, and other equipment that will help increase their independence and overall health and well-being while your business benefits from their patronage.

How Do You Offer Medical Equipment Financing?

Offering financing for medical equipment sales is just as simple as financing for other high-end products or professional services. If you partner with UCFS, you can follow these steps:

  • When a patient needs help paying for your product, complete a credit application online or apply over the phone.
  • Once the application is submitted, wait just a few minutes for the credit decision.
  • Upon approval, the sale can be concluded immediately by completing the sales financing contract.

After the sale is complete, you will receive a direct payment for your sale. The patient will then begin their repayment to UCFS. Financing is an easy, alternative payment method that can help DMEs sell medical equipment and improve patients’ quality of life.

What Are The Benefits Of Medical Device Financing With UCFS?

Selling medical equipment with UCFS as your financing partner has benefits for both your business and your patients.

For your business:

  • The UCFS credit application process can be completed in minutes.
  • The online merchant portal allows you to review accounts and payments with ease.
  • You receive payment for your products right away.
  • No setup or monthly fees.
  • No minimum financing requirements.
  • You and your team take part in a personalized orientation and training session when you start a UCFS financing program.
  • Co-branding options are available on consumer informational materials, like brochures.

For your patients:

  • Fast and easy application and approval process.
  • Ability to finance purchases from $1,000 to $10,000 at low, fixed monthly payments.
  • No penalty fees for early payoff.
  • Ability to pay for medical equipment costs that insurance cannot cover.
  • Simple portal for account review and bill payment, including auto-pay options.

Make UCFS Your Partner In Medical Equipment Financing

Just like your company, UCFS is committed to helping patients reach their highest quality of life with medical equipment that suits their unique needs. Let us help you help them. Offer your customers the best medical products available with our flexible medical equipment finance options. Contact us today to get started.