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How to Make Your Tax Relief Business Stand Out Online

According to research conducted by the IRS, Americans fail to pay roughly $630 billion in taxes each year. And at some point, these unpaid taxes must be accounted for and collected. Tax relief companies like yours provide a means to legally resolve unpaid tax issues, giving your clientele the peace of mind they long for.

But to earn new clients, you must cultivate a strong online presence. Individuals seeking tax relief flock to the internet to find the services you offer. This article gives helpful tips to make your tax relief business stand out online.

1. The Correct SEO Keywords

The internet is home to many tax relief websites offering life-altering services to individuals in need of tax help. You’ve got to find a way to stand out online if you want to earn more customers and provide the services that so many people desperately seek. SEO is your ticket to connecting with clients looking for tax relief.

Make sure your website includes the following types of keywords to help it get rankings in Google:

  • High Search Volume Tax Relief Keywords – Incorporating the correct keywords allows searchers to discover your business when searching for your services.
  • Long-Tail Keywords – Because you’re competing against a high volume of tax relief companies, implement long-tail, specific keywords into your content and your SEO. High-intent keywords target clients who are ready to purchase your services.

2. Video Content

Video shapes the way tax relief companies conduct marketing. This year, online videos are expected to make up more than 82 percent of all internet traffic. That’s 15 times higher than in 2017. Publishing video content empowers you to make a personal connection with potential clients from the moment they visit your site.

Video content is one of the best strategies to engage potential clients effectively. One study showed that site visitors spent 2.6 times longer on web pages with video than without video. The more time a client spends on your site,  the more they can learn about you and the more likely to purchase your services.

Potential clients are more likely to engage with video than any other medium. The video keeps their attention, creates intimacy, and allows you to communicate clearly with your potential clients. Video content gives you a captive audience, providing an opportunity for you to explain what you do and why you do it. It’s a wonderful medium to earn trust while at the same time educating clients about the tax relief solutions your business can provide.

Video content communicates professionalism while adding a personal touch. Unfortunately, most tax relief companies don’t invest significant resources into site videos. Yet, doing so helps you stand out online, increasing quality leads.

3. Helpful Articles that Support Online Marketing Efforts

Individuals researching tax relief firms are undoubtedly under a lot of stress. Tax issues can be confusing, adding to the overwhelming anxiety experienced by people in this situation. You’re in a unique position to offer helpful and educational material on your website, helping you stand out while earning valuable organic traffic.

Successful sites focus on SEO and digital marketing. And a significant component of any successful SEO strategy is consistent content publication. For your tax relief firm, this might look like articles answering questions your potential clients ask or providing informative content exploring topics addressing tax relief.

To set yourself apart from the competition online, publish this kind of helpful, educational content on your blog. This provides knowledge to people looking for tax relief solutions and bolsters your SEO efforts. In addition, quality, authoritative blogs help you earn organic traffic through search engines.

An SEO-optimized blog attracts searchers to your site. Google evaluates and indexes your posts. When users enter specific keywords or phrases into a search bar, Google matches relevant queries to your site, earning you the kind of traffic that converts. By posting helpful content to your site, you earn traffic, provide a service, and stand out from other tax relief agencies.

4. Consumer Financing Options

Most individuals who are behind on their taxes face other financial hardships. By the time they reach out to you for tax relief, they don’t have the expendable income to cover the cost of your services. By offering consumer financing, you make your tax relief services affordable to your clients.=

When choosing a consumer financing company, look for a firm with the experience and expertise to meet your unique needs. United Consumer Financial Services has over four decades of U.S.-based underwriting and customer support experience to serve you and your clients. Partnering with UCFS to provide installment loans makes fulfilling payments simple for your clients who might not have a large lump sum in advance of securing your services.

Businesses can post the credit application on their website and social media, so when site visitors see the low monthly payments, it is easier for the client to envision obtaining their tax relief service with your company. Customers can complete their credit application, or sellers can enter credit applications online. After approval, contracts are used, and the business is funded in a few days.

Utilizing UCFS’s consumer financing services benefits your tax relief business innumerable ways. In addition to serving a more significant number of customers, you register with UCFS at no charge, and there are no monthly fees.  UCFS collects payments from your clientele through the life of their loan. And your clients can finally have relief from the weight of their tax issues. Your clients receive the tax relief services they need, and you can provide those services without a lapse in the cash flow vital to the success of your business.


No one ever thinks they’ll find themselves trapped under the burden of back taxes. But when the time comes, tax relief companies like yours provide a path forward. As you implement strategies to make your tax relief business stand out online, you can earn more leads and help more individuals see freedom from tax trouble. Make your services accessible with tax relief financing from United Consumer Financial Services. Contact our team to apply today!