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U.S.-Based UCFS Opens Affiliate Office in Milan, Italy

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, February 4, 2020 and MILAN, ITALY, 4, February 2020 – UCFS Italia SpA, based in Milan, Italy, is now open for business. United Consumer Financial Services Company (UCFS) has provided consumer financing for 40 years in the U.S.A. The UCFS business model is to partner with companies that sell to consumers, so the company can offer low monthly payments with fixed-term installment loans to reach a wider range of consumers.

According to Nick Codispoti, President of United Consumer Financial Services Company, “We’re pleased to add this new location so Italian businesses can use our services. We have strong relationships with corporations in the United States, and some with international locations sought UCFS out to open an office in Italy. This new office aligns with our strategic growth plan. From day one in early November, Italian Kirby and Saladmaster Distributors started increasing their sales as a direct result of using our services.”

Katia Newman, Director of Operations, UCFS Europe, and instrumental in the launch of UCFS Italia said, “UCFS has many benefits over the competition, one being that we approve more consumers, and two, I always say, we are a small company and make sure every customer is an important customer.  We tailor our services to each business, build long-term relationships, do manual underwriting, meaning more personalized underwriting, and are always available.”

When explaining the meaning of more personalized underwriting, Katia explained, “Our underwriters truly take their time to examine credit files manually, so they can spot things that provide a better total financial picture of the consumer’s credit. Perhaps there was a lost job at one point or a life-changing event that impacted their credit rating, but they are currently employed. We call that ‘excellent customer service’ so we can extend that loan to help businesses serve more consumers and help consumers obtain their needed or desired purchase.”

UCFS Italia business customers offer products and services in a price range of €1,000 to €10,000 Euros. By adding an additional payment method for their consumers, businesses can typically increase their sale volume. Business types served include in-home sellers of cleaning systems, cookware, home improvement, water filtration, home security/automation; medical/dental; retail products such as pets and jewelry; and services such as funerals.