UCFS Merchant Program

Getting the run around from your finance partner? Have they tightened up and are not providing the service and capital you need to grow your business?  Then you have come to the right company.

Becoming a client of UCFS is not just a smart business decision; it’s incredibly easy. When you begin working with UCFS, you’ll start directly benefiting from decades of experience in consumer financing.

We have a number of programs available and we can also create custom consumer financing solutions tailored to your business and daily operations.  Enjoy a variety of unique consumer financing solutions from the industry leader:

Standard Discount Program

When you choose to work with UCFS, you’ll be rewarded by qualifying for our limited liability, Standard Discount Program. We take into account a number of unique credit factors to determine the Program that best fits you, and then we standardize it within your organization. You’ll enjoy the security of knowing you are empowering your sales staff with more information to close sales while limiting your liabilities. This allows you to channel all your energies into growing your business.

Recourse or Partial Recourse Programs

Are you consistently over $1 million in financed sales per year?  Then you may want to consider a recourse program. UCFS offers both recourse and partial recourse programs to offer better value to our merchants and distributors interested in sharing in the performance of your portfolio. We understand that sometimes these types of programs can make a lot of financial sense depending on the given scenario and size of the organization. That’s why we created our recourse and partial recourse programs, which we customize to your unique needs. Remember, UCFS believes that no two customers are the same. We’re always eager to tailor a custom financing program for any situation imaginable.

Why Become a UCFS Merchant

  • We provide financing services for a variety of industries, including In-Home Sales, Retail Sales, Professional Services and more. Plus, we’re always looking for new industries to service.
  • Leverage our experience of purchasing over 4 million contracts during  our 35+ year history.
  • We feature many unique financing programs to choose from including standard discount, recourse, partial recourse and more.
  • Work with a finance company that regards you as a business partner. With a staff of over 200 friendly and genuine people ready to field your phone calls day and night.
  • Increase your buying power, increase sales and grow your business.
  • Build a relationship with a company eager to see you succeed.
  • We provide funding throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and the United Kingdom, and we’re always looking for new market opportunities to help merchants and distributors grow.

Become a Merchant Now

Becoming a UCFS merchant has never been easier. To explore building a financing relationship today, simply fill out the form below for more information.  We will contact you within 1 business day. Can’t wait a day… then call us @ 800-344-5000 Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 6 PM ET.

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