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Why Offer Consumer Financing for Your Billiards Store

Whether building the perfect at-home game room or outfitting a pool hall, billiards table shoppers want and need flexible payment options to purchase the tables they want on their timelines. Offering consumer financing for your billiards store is essential to serve your customers and sell more tables.

In this article, United Consumer Financial Services highlights why you should offer financing and what to look for in a financing partner. Let’s get started.

Facilitate Positive Customer Experiences

The customer relationship may begin with the sale, but that’s not where it ends. Offering consumer financing for your billiards store helps you establish positive relationships with your present clients, which can help you sell even more down the road.

Easy, accessible financing helps shoppers get the pool table or other game room items (perhaps shuffleboard, arcade games, foosball, or air hockey) they want on their timeline and at a price that works for their budgets. With friendly, helpful service and quality products, consumer-focused financing contributes to an outstanding experience. When you deliver a purchase experience that anticipates and meets consumer expectations, you set yourself up for long-term success and marketing opportunities in the billiards world.

For example, billiards hall owners always look for sponsors for their tournaments. When you’re the go-to table provider and faithful sponsor, you market directly to your target audience.

Word travels fast in the billiards community. Facilitating positive customer experiences boosts word-of-mouth marketing among individuals and hall owners alike.

Allow for Upselling Opportunities

Pool tables are significant investments for a family. Shoppers must balance value and cost to stick to their budgets. Buying a pool table is financially challenging for customers without lump sum cash or credit. However, when a billiards store offers easy, accessible consumer financing with high approval rates, customers shop freely and confidently with more options than ever.

Consumer financing increases purchasing power and confidence when shoppers consider table or game room purchases. Financing allows shoppers to break lump-sum costs into low, scheduled monthly payments. So, tables are more affordable, and shoppers can upgrade their purchases for just a few dollars more with each payment.

Every sale counts, especially in an industry where many shoppers only purchase one product. Imagine how offering consumer financing can support upselling efforts and how effective upsells can impact your average order values.

Offer consumer financing and enhance the upsell while empowering shoppers to choose the table they want at the time they want it.

 Empower Same-Day Purchases

When your clientele visits your online shop or comes in person to your brick-and-mortar, you want to capitalize on the energy and excitement they bring with them to make the sale.

Consumer financing paves the way for lower-stress, same-day purchases at your billiards store. Partnering with a firm that offers simple application and a prompt notice of approval allows shoppers to apply in-store and receive clearance just minutes later. From there, customers can shop for the table or game room item they want at affordable installments that fit their budget.

When shoppers come to your store in search of the perfect pool table, consumer financing empowers them to more easily purchase their table—or tables—the same day. You capitalize on the energy of the sale, and they leave with a positive customer experience, knowing their pool table will be installed very soon.

Maximize Cash Flow to Grow Your Billiards Store

Most of your inventory is big-ticket items if you’re in the billiards business. A single sale often brings in thousands of dollars, and you need access to those earnings quickly to run your business.

Consistent, positive cash flow is critical to your billiards store’s operations. You need liquid resources to cover those costs from payroll to utilities to inventory acquisition. If your in-house financing program requires your business to collect payments, or if your earnings are held for weeks before you receive payment, you will experience a significant lapse in cash flow, a detriment and potential risk to your business.

Partnering with a proven financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services ensures you receive prompt payment for every sale, which is crucial to your cash flow. Once your customer signs their contract and you complete the sale, you can expect to get paid in just one to three days. UCFS puts your payment where it belongs: in your hands. Then, UCFS handles repayment from your customer for the life of the loan.

Offering consumer financing maximizes your cash flow and helps you grow your billiards business.

Eliminate the Stress and Costs of In-House Financing

Financing is an essential tool for billiards retailers. With much of your inventory costing thousands of dollars, you must provide a way for shoppers to finance their purchases. Store owners typically have two options for financing: in-house financing and partnering with a financing firm.

Many billiards stores try to opt for in-house financing, only to realize that the time, energy, cost, and stress are too much for their team to handle. As a result, they hire an additional employee to manage their invoicing and collections program and must take on all the associated costs. Also, they might need legal advice to stay up to date on consumer financing legislation. Before long, these stores see that trying to execute an in-house financing program drains their resources and often inhibits effective payment collection.

The better alternative is partnering with an established, experienced financing firm. United Consumer Financial Services has a robust consumer financing program built for businesses like yours and the clients you serve. Our team handles consumer repayments and collections for the life of the loan, relieving your team of those responsibilities.

Your business requires your constant attention and energy. Let us handle the financing so you can focus on what matters most.

Sell More Pool Tables with UCFS

Your business runs on table sales. Consumer financing helps you sell more.

Partnering with a firm like United Consumer Financial Services maximizes your efforts through approachable, effective financing solutions. The customer application is quick and straightforward; your clients can complete and file it from their phones. The credit application status is provided in minutes so customers can continue shopping with little friction in the sales process.

When payments are automatic, predictable, and affordable, your customers are ready and able to purchase their billiards table or shuffleboard table or any other game room table you sell, from you!

Ready to learn how simple offering financing can be? Reach out to the team at UCFS. We’re happy to discuss the many benefits of consumer financing for your billiards store and how our team can help you sell more and grow your business starting today.