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Why Offering Payment Plans Makes Sense for In-Home Sellers of Cleaning Systems

If you’re in in-home cleaning system sales, you are uniquely positioned to showcase (and sell) your offerings to your target. Customers see firsthand in their space how effective your product is. They see your systems eliminate every speck of dirt and can visualize how purchasing one of your machines can enhance their lives. Consumer financing makes that vision a reality for individuals eager to enjoy a clean, fresh, safe home and cleaning equipment that stands up to the challenge.

Offering payment plans makes owning these fabulous systems accessible to and affordable for your customers, and your business benefits from consumer financing and the flexibility it provides. Read to learn more about why offering payment plans makes sense for in-home sellers of cleaning systems and how you can implement financing options to help you grow your business starting today.

Expedite the Sales Process

When selling directly to the consumer in their home, you must eliminate as much friction as possible in the sales process. Offering payment plans reduces financial obstacles to purchase and shows customers that they can reasonably and realistically afford a new cleaning system.

Price-sensitive customers or those hesitant to make big-ticket purchases might need a better understanding of how low monthly payments with financing can help. Consumer financing is the perfect opportunity to help shoppers finish the sales process and sign the eContract. When you make payments affordable, predictable and automatic, you eliminate many of the purchase obstacles .

Consumer financing empowers your clients to buy right away. Customers don’t have to wait to talk with the bank or spend months saving for a cash payment before purchasing; payment plans give them the confidence and power to buy their new cleaning system without drastically impacting their monthly budget.

Plan Pricing Doesn’t Shock (or Scare Away) Your Buyers

The cost of a home cleaning system can deter potential buyers who would benefit from a quality product that makes cleaning and sanitizing a simple part of their routine. High-value items have high-value price tags, and an upfront payment isn’t feasible for some individuals. However, offering payment plans flips the script and makes these cleaning systems affordable through monthly installments. Sellers offer a low monthly payment amount to break down the pricing, so it’s not a shock or deterrent to the buyer.

Pricing objections and sticker shock present significant hurdles to in-home cleaning system sales. Simple, affordable payment plans show customers that they can realistically afford a quality cleaning system with little impact on their monthly spending.

In addition to reducing sticker shock and the fear associated with big-ticket purchases, consumer financing options make high-ticket cleaning systems – units with HEPA features and multi-year warranties – more affordable for a more extensive customer base, allowing more people to consider and purchase your product.

Low monthly payment plans make your products affordable and accessible to the greatest number of consumers, helping you increase your cleaning system sales.

Increase Cash Flow for Your Business

Positive, consistent cash flow is a critical component of your business. You need liquid assets to run your business day to day and to plan for growth into the future. Offering consumer financing options through a trusted partner like United Consumer Financial Services allows you to offer the payment flexibility your customers want and need while earning the benefits of positive cash flow.

For businesses that handle their own accounts receivable, your business may need additional staff to process payments, handle collections, and might not receive full repayment because consumers could default on their loan. Every day you go without receiving compensation is detrimental to your cash flow and long-term health and sustainability. Partnering with UCFS to provide financing ensures your customers have access to needed payment flexibility, and you have the benefits of prompt payment that you can immediately pay your sellers and reinvest into your business. UCFS pays business customers within 1-2 days, and handles repayment from the consumer for the life of the loan.

Payment plans also save your business money by reducing inventory holding costs. When the product is more affordable, you sell more, which means it’s not sitting in storage, taking up space and eating up profits.

Financing options increase sales, improve cash flow, and save money, empowering you to grow a profitable, healthy business long-term.

Sell More System Accessories

Consumer financing options give your clients the confidence and buying power to purchase your system immediately. They also give buyers the freedom to add to their purchases without jeopardizing their savings or planned budgets

Payment plans help you sell more cleaning system accessories by breaking down those lump sum costs into smaller installments paid over time. Customers can easily add multiple accessories to their system bundle to enhance their purchase for only dollars per payment.

You know the power and efficacy of the cleaning systems you sell. The optional accessories take that system over the top. And when you offer payment plans as part of your business model, you make adding these accessories an easy and obvious choice for your customers.

Empower Shoppers to Buy Quality Equipment

Investing in a quality cleaning system is a smart financial choice for your customers. Instead of buying a mediocre vacuum and throwing away hundreds of dollars to replace it every year or so, they can purchase one complete system with exceptional cleaning power that lasts for decades. Offering consumer financing options through United Consumer Financial Services makes these purchases possible. Our process is simple.

Consumers can complete the credit application, or you can do it for them, which takes about three minutes. Almost immediately, you’ll receive a credit application decision. When approved, the sale can move forward right away. Once your customer makes their purchase decisions, you can execute the contract, and your customer will eSign it from their phone or a tablet. You’ll run the sale with a “financing” payment type. Customers can take immediate advantage of financing to buy a system and use it to clean and improve their spaces that day.

Providing accessible, straightforward financing options empowers your customers to buy the quality equipment they want, need, and deserve to keep their homes comfortable and clean.

Sell More Systems and Grow Your Business with UCFS

United Consumer Financial Services provides financing solutions that make selling in-home cleaning systems more accessible and affordable, which helps you increase your sales. No matter what product you sell – Rainbow, Hyla, Kirby – having a partner consumer financing company is essential. Consistent repayment rates, autopay options, and a simple, straightforward application allow your customers to buy their new systems today with worry-free payment throughout the life of their loan. All the while, you enjoy increased sales and cash flow that helps you grow your business.

Partnering with UCFS makes offering payment plans simple. Reach out to our team today to learn how our program supports your in-home cleaning system sales, helping your business grow while empowering more of your customers to afford their purchases.