The Many Benefits of Consumer Financing Options

Running a business that stands out from the rest is challenging in any industry. While integrity, quality products and services as well as excellent customer care are all essential elements to building a good reputation, they fall by the wayside when customers have difficulties paying for products or services upfront. However, there is one solution that allows a business to have it all: a consumer finance program.

With flexible payment options, consumers can pay for products and services and recommend businesses to friends and family. But a broader spectrum of customers is just one of the benefits a business can experience with consumer financing solutions on their side.

Reliable Payments

With consumer financing services from a company like UCFS, businesses no longer have to follow up on billing deadlines or experience cash flow complications due to funds arriving later than expected. Instead, after a sale is completed, UCFS promptly pays the business and handles the consumer’s repayment plan, including follow-ups on overdue payments and help with any financing questions they may have. The end result is greater financial stability for the business and friendly, professional services for customers, who can make necessary purchases without worrying about high upfront costs.

Quick Approval

Having a quick and easy credit approval process is crucial to successfully closing deals. It adds professionalism to a business interaction and ensures that requested services can begin immediately, which is important for unexpected or emergency events, as well as planned expenses such as paying for a pet, medical equipment or a cleaning system. UCFS has a high credit approval rate, meaning our merchants can offer consumer financing options to the widest margin of customers possible.

Co-Branded Materials & Training

Letting customers know about the full range of available payment options helps encourage them to complete a sale. UCFS offers brochures, web materials and other informational pieces such as window clings or hang tags for retailers.  This material can help make it easier for sellers to discuss low monthly payments with their consumers. Brochures can be co-branded to represent the partnership between UCFS and the business it serves.

Because UCFS wants our merchant customers to succeed, we provide training on the processes and services we offer. Sales associates then feel confident as they walk consumers through the UCFS consumer financing model. If questions arise, UCFS is always happy to supply answers.  Our team is available to merchants from 8am – 2am, most days.

Simple Merchant & Consumer Portals

Keeping track of customer accounts and payment histories can be complicated and winds up pulling valuable time away from what’s really important: developing great products and offering quality services. With UCFS’s easy-to-use merchant portal, businesses can monitor the progress of accounts. Meanwhile, with the consumer portal, customers can contact UCFS and make their low, fixed monthly payments. Auto-pay setup is available when a customer signs their financing contract. UCFS is a consumer financing solution that works for everyone!

Partner with UCFS

While there are many consumer financing companies, none are as eager to contribute to your business’s success as UCFS. We provide friendly assistance not just to the people within your company, but also to the customers and patients we help you serve. Continue learning about consumer financing solutions through UCFS, or sign up for our merchant program today by completing the form on this page.