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Benefits of Choosing Consumer Financing for Your In-Home Water Filtration Business

According to the EPA, nearly half of all Americans use a home water treatment unit. These filters range from simple water pitchers to whole-home or in-home water filtration systems. As a provider of in-home water filtration solutions, you know the importance of having reliable access to clean, safe, and delicious water.

Your customers want quality water for more than just drinking and cooking. Cleaning, bathing, laundry—all these things and more require water. When it comes to quality and safety, the best way to get crystal clear water is through a point-of-entry water filtration system. It’s why you do what you do!

With a growing need for water filtration systems, offering consumer financing is the absolute best way to expand your business and better serve your clientele. In this article, we’ll walk through the benefits of choosing consumer financing and how it will serve your business, your team, and, most importantly, your customers.

1. Attract More Customers

Water filtration systems are gaining popularity here in the United States. Our citizens have a heightened sense of plastic bottles’ negative environmental impact and increased awareness of water quality issues affecting residential areas. As a result, homeowners seek ways to provide safe, delicious water to their entire home through water filtration systems.

The market for in-home water filtration systems is growing, and you have exactly what the people are looking for. And by offering consumer financing, you make your products and services attractive to potential customers.

When a customer knows from the start that you offer consumer financing for your water filtration systems, you’re communicating to them that you provide an exceptional product that will work with their budget. They don’t have to spend hours searching online for systems they can afford because you offer point-of-sale consumer financing that makes purchasing your systems easy and affordable. Instead of looking elsewhere, customers will come to you knowing that they can provide safe, tasty water to their entire home without dipping into their savings or severely altering their monthly budgets.

2. Increase System Sales

Offering consumer financing brings people through your doors. But it also increases the value of your customers’ purchases. According to Forbes, U.S. retail purchases through point-of-sale financing nearly doubled from $49 billion in 2015 to $94 billion in 2018. Those numbers speak for themselves!

A popular study by Forrester Consulting shows that businesses that offer consumer financing increase their sales by 32 percent, and the average order value increases by 15 percent across the board. If you offer consumer financing, you’re going to increase your water filtration system sales. Your customers will feel the freedom to not only purchase your products, but they’ll know they can choose upgrades because they have the option of a financed payment plan. By offering consumer financing, you empower your customers to choose an in-home water filtration system that suits their needs without the burden of paying upfront.

3. Fast Payments and Increased Cash Flow

As a business owner, you know that cash flow plays a critical role in your company’s health. Without consistent cash flow, you’ll have difficulty growing your business and providing much-needed water filtration systems to your customers. But when you choose consumer financing for your business, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of cash flow.

By partnering with a financing firm like United Consumer Financial Services, you’re able to provide whole-home water filtration immediately, and you receive payment almost as fast. UCFS provides fast payment to water filtration businesses, and your customers enjoy scheduled monthly payments that fit their specific budgetary needs. 

Partnering with UCFS relieves the burden of financing because you aren’t putting your business at risk. The helpful, friendly team at UCFS ensures you receive your payments on time just a few days after the sale. You won’t have to worry about customers missing payments and affecting your business’s cash flow.

4. Make Your Products Accessible

America’s water infrastructure is decades old, and individuals face the effects of an aging system nearing the end of its design lifespan. As municipalities address water supply and contamination issues, individuals seek ways to ensure they have consistent access to clean water. Many households are turning to in-home or point-of-entry water filtration systems to address these concerns.

Every day, the average American family uses 300 gallons of water. Manual filtering of this much water isn’t feasible. But an in-home filtration system ensures every drop of water used inside and outside the home is of the absolute highest quality and purity standards. And to ensure families have access to clean water, many water filtration companies choose to offer consumer financing.

By offering financing at the point of sale, you provide access to water filtration systems that some of your customers might not be able to afford otherwise. Consumer financing – or low monthly payments – makes clean, filtered water accessible to anyone shopping with you.

5. Save Time with United Consumer Financial Services

When you choose consumer financing through UCFS, we handle your customer payments for the life of the loan, and you can spend time focusing on growing your business. UCFS specializes in serving in-home water filtration system businesses just like yours. They know your needs and your customers’ needs and can anticipate the best ways to serve you both.

UCFS covers all client communication. Whether your customers have a question about payments, their accounts, or their balance, they can come to the friendly, U.S.-based customer service team at UCFS, and we’ll answer all their questions. Our easy-to-use online portal makes it easy for your customers to access payment history, make payments and see their payoff amount. Through the UCFS business portal, you can enter credit applications, complete contracts, and check payments made to your company whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Running a whole-home water filtration company takes serious work. That’s why UCFS takes care of all the details for you. UCFS provides personal, timely service for both you and your customer base. Our consumer financing helps you grow your business to provide quality water to the greatest number of people possible. 


The future of residential water lies in in-home water filtration systems. By providing these systems, you’re improving the health and quality of life of your customers. And by offering consumer financing, you’re making good health and clean water accessible to more customers.

The benefits of choosing consumer financing for your in-home water filtration business go on and on. When you offer consumer financing, you’re serving your customers. At the same time, you’re increasing sales and saving your own resources so you can pour them back into your business. When you’re ready to enhance your services with consumer financing, the team at United Consumer Financial Services will be ready to get you started!