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How Does Offering Consumer Financing Increase Sales?

Not everyone has cash or credit card bandwidth to make a big-ticket purchase. Adding financing – or low monthly payments for a set period of time – means appealing to an additional segment of prospective customers to sell goods or services.

So, how does offering consumer financing increase business sales?

When your customer is ready to make their purchase, your salespeople can say: “cash, credit card, or low monthly payments!” Having a variety of payment options helps a business increase their sales. And with financing, many consumers increase their purchase dollar amount because spreading an increased dollar amount might only be an additional $10 or so per month, over the life of the loan.

Consumer Financing Statistics & Trends

To buy a product or service in the $1,000 to $10,000 price range, it not as easy as say, swiping your credit card for a $50 purchase. Businesses must appeal to a wider array of consumers. There are many industry articles about how offering financing can increase a business’ sales:

  • “Seventy-six percent of consumers are more likely to make a [big-ticket] purchase if a . . . payment plan is offered,” according to a survey by Citizens Financial Group,
  • Yahoo finance indicates there is a massive rise in demand by consumers for “buy now, pay later.” Breaking up a large purchase into smaller payment amounts means buyers have manageable monthly payments and that appeals to consumers without readily available cash.
  • According to, fifty-six percent of shoppers are more likely to buy a big-ticket item online if financing options are available. That number jumps to 73% for buyers who shop online regularly.
  • says that one way to increase sales for big-ticket items is to work with a finance partner, which increases the purchasing power of buyers.

For the reasons cited by the four industry experts and surveys above, smart businesspeople are adding financing to their payment assortment to help them sell to consumers preferring paying over time.

Whether it’s buying a pet, a home improvement project, or services such as tax relief, or medical equipment or procedures, financing means capturing a larger segment of the consumer population. And whether you do business in a retail store, in person, or online/through a call center, financing can increase sales when offered by every seller – to every consumer.

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